Predicting Open Workout 14.4

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Damect Dominguez

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Three down, two to go. In just a few hours Dave Castro will announce Open workout 14.4 from CrossFit Bellevue in Washington. Following the announcement Josh Bridges and Scott Panchik will go head-to-head in the workout.

So, what is Dave Castro likely to throw at us?

First let’s look at what movements have already been included in the previous workouts

In the past three years, CrossFit has constructed the Open workouts from the select group of exercises listed below. If we eliminate the movements that have already been included in the previous three workouts, we’re left with the following eight movements:

Box Jumps
Wall Balls
Clean and Jerk (& Cleans)
Toes to Bar
Shoulder to Overhead
Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Overhead Squats


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Next, we’ll turn our attention to social media. Last night the CrossFit Games posted this video on Instagram: We, like most of the people in the comment thread of the video, are going to assume that the video is hinting that 14.4 will be a chipper.

The longest workout to date has been 11.5 (a 20 min AMRAP of 5 power cleans, 10 toes to bar, and 15 wall balls).

Assumptions made in predicting 14.4

1. The workout will be a triplet. Every workout since the start of the Open in 2011 has been either a couplet or a triplet. Since all the workouts in 2014 have been couplets, we’re going to assume that this week’s workout will consist of 3 movements.

2. The workout will be a chipper. We’re going to guess an 18 min AMRAP. Not as long as 11.5 but they also didn’t have to deal with live announcements back in 2011.

3. The movements will be bar hopping burpees, thruster and toes to bar. None of these have been used in 2014 nor have they been put together in a previous Open workout.

So, our prediction for 14.4…a 20 min AMRAP of 40 bar hopping burpees, 20 thrusters, 10 toes to bar. As always, ‘be prepared for the unknown and the unknowable’.

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