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February 13, 2018

(QUICK READ) 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Every Training Session

Written by Damect Dominguez

It’s easy to forget that training is about more than going to the box and squatting or snatching. Often, the most important aspect of becoming a better athlete is developing our mindset.


Did you prepare yourself for today’s training? Did you get enough sleep, eat accordingly, warm-up enough…?


What’s going on inside your head before the workout? Are you losing before you even start—telling yourself it’s too hard, you’re too tired, today’s not a good day…?


Are you content with just ‘showing up’? While some days may feel better than others, the best version of you requires you to give 100% effort TODAY—whatever that looks like.

About Damect Dominguez

Co-founder of BoxLife Magazine. Author: Training Day: 400+ Workouts to Incorporate in Your Training.

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