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January 21, 2019

RECAP: The 2019 Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival

Written by William Imbo

Time’s up in Miami, and we have two new individual athletes heading to Madison and a team of veteran athletes. Patrick Vellner set a blinding pace on Friday and never looked back, as he won the weekend with a 124-point lead over runner-up Travis Mayer. Noah Ohlsen battled back from a poor start to land in third place in his hometown.

Tia-Clair Toomey set up her shot at becoming the three-time Fittest Woman on Earth by taking first in Miami – never finishing lower than second in an event the entire weekend. Kari Pearce followed 90 points behind, with Sara Sigmundsdottir just behind in third.

On their first outing as a team in the 2019 season, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom dropped jaws – and not in a good way. Rich Froning and friends received two DNFs during the weekend and managed to claw their way back to fifth place after an event win in Circus Act. Superteam ROMWOD/WIT is headed to Madison, sending Games veterans Jamie Greene, Alec Smith, Cody Mooney and Jessica Griffith back to familiar territory.

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Next on the 2019 CrossFit Games schedule is the Australian CrossFit Championship January 25-27 and the CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town January 31 – February 2.

Photo courtesy of the Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival

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