A fantasy league for CrossFit? That’s exactly what Reebok is bringing you as part of this year’s CrossFit Games.

All fans need to do is head to reebok.com/pickem and fill out their brackets with the athletes, for a chance to win prizes, including up to $1 million!

Subscribe to BoxLife Magazine for as little as $9.99.
Subscribe to BoxLife Magazine for as little as $9.99.

-Enter at Reebok.com/pickem
-Choose placements for individual Top 10 Men’s, Top 10 Women’s, and Top 5 team
-Winners will take home a variety of prizes, including $1 million if someone gets a perfect bracket

First Place
-Your Dream Gym Package from Rogue worth $20,000

Second Place
-Rogue Home Gym
-1-year gym membership
-1-year supply of Whole Foods groceries
-1-year supply of FitAid
-$1,000 Reebok.com gift card

Third Place
-Two tickets to the 2018 Reebok CrossFit® Games
-$500 Reebok.com gift card

Here’s a video from James Hobart explaining the contest:


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