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Back in May CrossFit announced a new team competition that was being scheduled for the fall. We now have confirmation that registration for the Team Series is official open and the first workouts will be released on August 28, September 18 and October 9. After each release, teams will have four days to complete the workouts and submit their scores.

Just to recap, here are the nitty gritty details for the Team Series:

  • Each team will be made up of two men and two women who complete the workouts together. Additionally, teams can include members from different gyms and there is no requirement for how long they have trained together—an obvious change from the team rules of the Open.
  • There will be three divisions: Rx, scaled and masters.
  • Sponsored teams and ‘Super Teams’ (imagine the best four CrossFitter’s in the world on a team) are allowed.
  • Teams can wait until the release of the first set of workouts on August 28 to decide which division they want to compete in.
  • Unlike in the Open, teammates will not do the workouts individually and then combine their scores afterwards. Instead, when the clock starts, each of the four teammates will be required to perform their portion of the work alongside the others.
  • Registration is US$100 per team for all divisions and US$500 for sponsored teams.
  • Any teams who compete in the Prescribed Division (Rx) are eligible for a share of the $150,000 prize purse.
  • At the end of the series, the teams will be ranked across all three competitions. The top 10 teams in the Prescribed Division will take home prize money. First place will earn $30,000, second $25,000 and third $20,000. The prize money will be offered down to 10th place, which will earn $7,000.
  • Validation is required to make any CrossFit Team Series workout result official. Teams must have their scores validated either by a judge at a CrossFit affiliate or by uploading a video of the workouts to the CrossFit Team Series website.
  • If working out at an affiliate, each team must use a judge during the workout. Judges are responsible for enforcing the movement standards and validating the team’s score.
  • To begin, choose one teammate who will register the entire team. This team manager will go to, sign in using his or her CrossFit ID and pay the registration fee. After the team manager has established the team, she will be prompted to send email invitations to the three other teammates. The four teammates will complete the team’s registration by responding to the email invites.

Here is the website to register:

For more information, visit the Team Series Rulebook.

While it’s always fun to sign up to compete with your buddies, CrossFit is casually promoting this as a means to finally see whether a dream team of the top individuals really can beat four seasoned team competitors. “What would happen if a team with the fittest man or fittest woman on Earth faced off against the Affiliate Cup champs? Find out this fall.”

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Will you be signing up? Are you excited about the new Team Series?

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