Row 2 Daytona: Charity Event Benefiting Lift Florida

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On June 12-14, the National Youth Weightlifting Championships will be held in Daytona Beach, Florida. LIFT Florida, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support and opportunities for young athletes to train in Weightlifting, is announcing a fundraising competition. For the 3rd consecutive year, LIFT Florida will award funds raised from this competition to kids who want to engage in Weightlifting.

From April 14 through May 3, LIFT Florida is inviting all gym buffs, rowers, athletes, weightlifters and CrossFit family members to participate in Row 2 Daytona. Similar to the format of the CrossFit Open, Row 2 Daytona consists of two separate competitions. The first option, intended for the novice athlete and casual gym goer, is a 3-week rowing challenge (Week 1-1000m, Week 2-2000m, Week 3-1000m). The second will take on a WOD format with an RX, Scaled, Teen and Masters Division.

Like the Open, this will be an online event, as people across the country (and world – gyms in Switzerland and Guam will be taking part this year) will sign up and pay the fee online, then submit their scores in the respective workout they choose. After the third week of competition, scores for each division will be totaled and prizes awarded from the title sponsors. What’s really cool is that if you get enough people from your gym to sign up and participate, the whole box can benefit. Here’s how:

  • 10 event registrations = 5 jump ropes for the affiliate (gym) or organization
  • 20 event registrations = 1 set of wood, plastic, or metal rings
  • 30 event registrations = 2 Sandbags
  • Overall most registrations = a Prowler Push Sled!!!

100% of the proceeds raised will go towards supporting Florida youth athletes and sending them to the USA Weightlifting Youth National Championships in June. Doug Lane, CrossFit and USA Weightlifting Coach and one of the organizers of the event, says that Florida has become an incubator for developing young Weightlifting hopefuls, whose goal is to be sent on to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This is a cool opportunity to help support the future of American Weightlifting, experience a competitive side to your training, and have the chance to win some nice swag for your box! For more details and to register for the competition, visit the Row 2 Daytona Facebook page (Row 2 Daytona) or the LIFT Florida home site (

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