Stronger Rx Road To The Games 2012

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Damect Dominguez

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What do you get when ten Crossfitters pack an RV, take a week long trip from Miami, FL to Carson, CA en route to the Games and stop to WOD at 15 boxes along the way? Simple. You get a reminder of the true definition of CrossFit. As Coach Glassman would say, we are a “community of like-minded individuals.” From CrossFit Kingdom to CrossFit San Diego and fourteen boxes in between, the Stronger Rx Road to the Games (RTG) crew, led by the husband and wife duo of Vidal Lazo and Jenny Kidder were embraced by this simple yet very unifying idea: We are a community.

“They received us with more than open arms,” says Vidal Lazo. “For the most part, we’d never met anyone from these boxes in person. It never seizes to amaze me how after a workout, no matter how cool you thought someone was, they become so much cooler after.”

During their first stop in Orlando, CrossFit Armor presented the group with custom shirts with both CrossFit Armor and RTG logos. At CrossFit Houma in Louisiana they were greeted with an all-you-can-eat buffet; five tables of food, all paleo and all courtesy of CF Houma members. CrossFit San Diego got word that one of the RTG crew members was celebrating a birthday and created a special WOD in his honor, The Silvio Birthday WOD.

Yes, CrossFit = Community!

As for the actual WODs, it’s as Omar Cordero puts it, “Wodding at 7pm, falling asleep by midnight, only to be woken at 6am by retired Marine Silvio Schillen yelling, ‘Wake up, time to work out!’ That was kinda tough.” That wasn’t all. Jenny Kidder did all the WODs while in the middle of her lower leg reconstruction. Her first WOD after the trip was enduring a seventh and final operation since a terrible motorcycle accident in December 2011.

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