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August 27, 2015

The 2015 CrossFit Team Series: Are You Ready?

Written by Damect Dominguez

Last year CrossFit HQ debuted the Team Series—an online competition that allows CrossFitters to form a team and compete in a series of workouts, posting their scores online. If that sounds a lot like the CrossFit Open, well, that’s because it is! Last year, Team Reebok East (Ben Smith, Scott Panchik, Emily Bridgers, Stacie Tovar) won the competition. In 2015, the competition returns for a second year, and the CrossFit Games have released details for the Team Series:

-Registration is currently live for the 2015 CrossFit Team Series, and closes September 8th.

-This is an online competition, which requires scores and videos (if you intend to challenge in the top 10 overall) of the workouts

-Teams will consist of two men and two women who perform the workouts together. Additionally, teams can include members from different gyms (and different countries) and there is no requirement for how long they have trained together—an obvious change from the team rules of the Open. This flexibility allowed for the creation of ‘super teams’ last year, including Rogue Fitness Black (Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa, Julie Foucher and Sam Briggs) and eventual champions Team Reebok East.

– Each competition week spans six days, from Tuesday until the following Monday (at 5 p.m. PT). There will be two competition weeks (Sept. 8-14, Oct. 6-12).

– There will be three divisions: Open (all ages), Masters (40+) and Teenage (14-17).

-Teams will be able to choose between the prescribed (Rx’d) and scaled version of each workout. Choosing scaled for one workout will not prevent a team from doing the next workout as prescribed. One rep as prescribed will beat the highest scaled score.

Teams can complete the workouts at a participating affiliate or submit video of the workouts online.

The 2015 Team Series will be scored as a single competition. Points will be awarded based on placement in a workout—1 point for first place, 2 points for second place, and so on. The overall winner in each division will be the team that has accumulated the fewest points after all of the workouts have been completed.

-$151,000 dollars is on the line. Earn a spot in the top 10 overall in the Open Division and your team will win up to $30,000 dollars.
1st – $30,000
2nd – $25,000
3rd – $20,000
4th – $17,000
5th – $14,000
6th – $11,000
7th – $10,000
8th – $9,000
9th – $8,000
10th – $7,000

– There will be filters! See where your team stands in relation to your peers by using filters. There will be two filters on the Open Leaderboard: Pro and Elite.

Pro = Any team with a 2015 Games individual competitor.

Elite = Any team with a 2015 Games team competitor, or 2015 regional individual competitor.

Uncheck the Pro box, and all Pro teams will disappear from the leaderboard. Do the same for Elites, and the field will be further cut to teams with athletes who did not advance beyond the first stage of last year’s Games season.

There will be three filters on the Masters Leaderboard: 40s, 50s and 60s.
40s = The youngest teammate is in their 40s.
50s = The youngest teammate is in their 50s.
60s = The youngest teammate is in their 60s.

So a team with four athletes in their 40s will be on the 40s filter, and so too will a team with three 60-year-olds and one 40-year-old.

-Validation is required to make any CrossFit Team Series workout result official. Teams must have their scores validated either by a judge at a CrossFit affiliate or by uploading a video of the workouts to the CrossFit Team Series website.

-If working out at an affiliate, each team must use a judge during the workout. Judges are responsible for enforcing the movement standards and validating the team’s score.

-To begin, choose one teammate who will register the entire team. This team manager will go to, sign in using his or her CrossFit ID and pay the registration fee. After the team manager has established the team, he or she will be prompted to send email invitations to the three other teammates. The four teammates will complete the team’s registration by responding to the email invites.

For the full rulebook of the 2015 CrossFit Team Series, click here

The Super Teams

As is mentioned, the fact that any two male and two female athletes are allowed to compete on the same team—regardless of their home affiliate—allows for great flexibility and we are already seeing the formation of several Super Teams featuring Games athletes.


-Michele Letendre (18th at 2015 Games)
-Katrin Davidsdottir (2015 Games Champion)
-Cole Sager (7th at 2015 Games)
-Mat Fraser (2nd at 2015 Games)

A photo posted by Mathew Fraser (@mathewfras) on


-Jason Khalipa (2008 Games Champion, 10th with Team NorCal at 2015 Games) – Molly Vollmer (10th with Team NorCal at 2015 Games) – Jen Zambruno (10th with Team NorCal at 2015 Games) – Chris Detmering (25th in NorCal Region during 2015 Open)


-Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (2014 Games champion, 13th at 2015 Games) -Annie Thorisdottir (2011, 2012 Games Champion, 38th at 2015 Games—withdrew) -Dan Bailey (4th at 2015 Games) -Graham Holmberg (2010 Games champion, 24th at 2015 Games)


-Sam Briggs (2013 Games champion, 4th at 2015 Games)
-Margaux Alvarez (9th at 2015 Games)
-Josh Bridges (6th at 2015 California Regional)
-Rich Froning (2011,12,13,14 Games champion, 2015 Games champion with CrossFit Mayhem Freedom)

PROGENEX MISFITS -Kari Pearce (21st at 2015 Games) -Alexis Johnson (11th at 2015 South Regional) -Travis Williams (32nd at 2015 Games) -Jordan Cook (36th at 2015 Games) 

A photo posted by Travis Williams (@travis29140) on


-Kelley Jackson (37th at 2015 Games)
-Jennifer Smith (6th at 2015 East Regionals)
-Austin Malleolo (34th at 2015 Games)
-James Hobart (2015 Games champion with CrossFit Mayhem Freedom)

A photo posted by Austin Malleolo (@amalleolo) on

Watch: 2014 CrossFit Team Series champions during Team Series Event 11

Photo courtesy of Ingrid Wold: 2015 Open Submissions

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