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April 21, 2015

The 2015 Masters CrossFit Games Qualifier Begins this Week

Written by Damect Dominguez

On April 23rd, the second stage of the CrossFit Games Masters season begins: the Masters Qualifier. Running from the 23rd to April 27th, the top 2,000 masters athletes—200 from each of the 10 divisions (separated by age and sex)—will complete four events over the course of four days to determine who will progress to the CrossFit Games.

Now, the qualifying process from Masters qualifier to the Games is a little different from what it will look like for Teams and Individuals at the Regionals.

All four of the qualifying events will be released on at 5 p.m. PT on Thursday, and competitors will have until 5 p.m. PT on Monday, April 27 to complete the events and post their scores online—similar to the Open. Masters athletes can choose to complete the events in affiliates, or any other venue with the requisite equipment if they are unaffiliated. However, all workouts require video documentation, and for those athletes who choose to complete the events at an affiliate must also use a registered judge.

Though only the top 200 athletes worldwide in each Masters age division will be able to submit their scores online, anyone is invited to complete the qualifying events.

Now, this is where it gets a little complicated, so read closely.

“Each athlete will enter the Masters Qualifier with a score equal to their Open rank. For example, the 200th-ranked man in the 40-44 Division in the Open will enter the Qualifier with 200 points, while the first-ranked man in the 40-44 Division will enter the Qualifier with just 1 point.”

What this means is that an athlete’s finish in each subsequent qualifying event will add to his or her combined total. So taking the 200th-ranked athletes as an example, let’s say he goes on to get finishes of 100th, 50th, 25th and 10th. His final score for the Masters Qualifier will be: 200+100+50+25+10 = 385 points.

When the scores from all four qualifying events have been tallied, the 20 athletes with the fewest points in each division will be invited to compete at the CrossFit Games in Carson, California (July 21 – 23, 2015).

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