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October 7, 2018

The 2018 CrossFit Team Series is a Wrap–Familiar Names Top the Leaderboard

Written by William Imbo

The 2018 CrossFit Team Series wrapped up October 1. After two weeks of action, here are the final standings:

Male Pairs

  1. Travis Mayer/Noah Ohlsen
  2. Josh Gervais/Tyler Lee
  3. Connor Duddy/Dane Smith

Female Pairs

  1. Meg Reardon/Kristine Best
  2. Harriet Roberts/Jessica Coughlan
  3. Justine Beath/Maddie Sturt

Mixed Pairs

  1. Ben Smith/Laura Horvath
  2. Carolyne Prevost/Lucas Parker
  3. Travis Williams/Alexis Johnson

Some standout names you’ll notice right away: For the male pairs, Travis Mayer and Noah Ohlsen repeat their performance from last year. The pair traded weekends traveling, as Mayer is based outside of Atlanta and Ohlsen in Miami. However, to ensure the win, Mayer flew down to Miami on the afternoon results were due to redo a single workout.

Reardon and Best, aka team “Wags and Weights,” a nod to Reardon’s apparel brand,  won four out of eight workouts in the Team Series. The team completed most of the workouts at CrossFit Queens in New York City. Reardon competed at the Games in 2016, and Best has appeared at Regionals the past five years.

Team Hungary American, made up of 2016 CrossFit Games Champion Ben Smith and 2018 CrossFit Games Runner-Up Laura Horvath started off in 12th place after seven solid minutes of bar-facing burpees and after that didn’t drop lower than 9th place in any of the seven remaining workouts, winning two of them.

Photo from Noah Ohlsen’s Instagram

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