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August 28, 2017

The Bulldog Scrubber: Prioritizing the Health and Happiness of Members

Written by William Imbo

If your members have ever thought about leaving your box due to its cleanliness—or lack there of—you are not alone. Responsible gym owners work hard to keep their facility clean for members, but many have found keeping mats consistently free from chalk and other residues is extremely time consuming and difficult. Affiliates across the country have discovered a better way to show members that their health and happiness matters to them by investing in more effective methods of cleaning gym floors. These gyms found that it is possible to clean gym floors faster and more effectively than they ever thought possible using the remarkable cleaning power of the Bulldog Scrubber.

Gym owners and members alike are often unhappy with the results of mopping.  “I’m really reaching my breaking point with my frustration over how nasty the floors are at my gym,” says one Reddit user.

“My wife and I literally left a box for this reason,” responds another.

Though owners usually want to give their members a really clean gym, many find that their mats never get completely clean when using traditional methods on their floors.

Gym owners looking to save time, grow membership and improve their box have discovered an ingenious way to enhance their member experience by cleaning their facility with a better method. Using the Bulldog Scrubber, gym floors are cleaned much faster and in a more hygienic manner than traditional methods. The forceful down pressure, high speed rotating brush, and powerful vacuum system on the Bulldog Scrubber virtually erase chalk, sweat, and other residues, leaving gym floors noticeably cleaner.

Cleanliness at your box doesn’t just make burpees more pleasant, it’s also a health issue.

There are a few key problems with simply mopping gym floors. First, dragging a mop across rubber matting is physically difficult. Often, that time and energy is wasted because after all that work, the floors are still not completely spotless once they dry. Mopping gym mats can turn chalk covered floors into a pasty mess that is now spread out across the floor. A film can easily develop on gym floors that are mopped because residual detergent is often left behind to air dry. In order to clean with a mop effectively, the water and mop head must be changed very frequently otherwise the mop is simply pushing around filth and not removing it.

There is a better way.

With the Bulldog Scrubber it’s easy for gyms to achieve a superior level of cleanliness. Due to its separate clean and dirty water tanks, the Bulldog Scrubber only cleans with an uncontaminated clean water solution. The clean water is put down on the floors and the forceful down pressure and high speed rotating brush lift sweat, oils and other residues from the gym mats with ease. The dirty water is immediately removed using a unique squeegee assembly and powerful vacuum system and then stored in the dirty water tank. At the end of scrubbing, this tank is easily emptied and cleaned, revealing how dirty the floors really were prior to scrubbing. In many cases, the Bulldog Scrubber owners are shocked by what is removed from their mats. Members notice the difference too.

The Bulldog Scrubber has become the preferred gym cleaner, allowing boxes to clean their floors more effectively and more frequently without the time restraints and hassle of traditional methods. The ease of use and incredible time savings achieved with the Bulldog Scrubber allow facilities to clean more frequently, even between busy classes. The results are noticeably cleaner floors and a better workout experience for members.

The Bulldog has a reputation in the affiliate community for leaving gym floors remarkably clean. Owners are finding how important it is to give their members the best space possible to workout. With the Bulldog’s wand attachment, this compact, cordless machine uses the same clean water technology that it uses on the floors to clean in tight spaces and in areas where a machine would normally be unable to fit. This tool is even great for cleaning bathroom stalls quickly and thoroughly.

Box owners who are investing in improving their facility are reaping the benefits in more ways than one. The Bulldog Scrubber is leaving affiliates with cleaner floors, happier members, and more time to focus on growth. With affordable options to finance a machine, owning the Bulldog Scrubber is within reach.

The Bulldog Scrubber owners within the affiliate community have spoken, many joining the growing movement to become a Certified Bulldog Clean affiliate. These gyms know that member loyalty is earned and it starts by showing members that their health and happiness is a priority. Has your box experienced the #BulldogClean difference?

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