The NPGL Kicks Off in Less than Two Weeks

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Damect Dominguez

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The National Pro Grid League (NPGL), formerly the National Pro Fitness League, is due to begin its inaugural season in less than two weeks with a powerhouse matchup on August 19th between the New York Rhinos and Los Angeles Reign.

The NPGL is arguably the biggest news within the functional fitness world, considering that it’s the brainchild of former director of CrossFit Media Tony Budding and the fact that many of the (now) professional athletes that have been signed to teams are competitive CrossFitters as well. Noah Olson, Lindsey Valenzuela, Kenny Leverich and Tommy Hackenbruck are all members of the LA Reign.

The athletes and teams of the NPGL have gone through the combines, the draft and the rosters of each team are being finalized for the start of the competitive season. Somewhat amazingly, the very first NPGL regular season game will take place in the historic Madison Square Garden (MSG) in New York City, and the playoffs and final will be broadcast on NBC. Considering the NPGL is in its first year of existence, signing a deal with NBC is quite an accomplishment, not to mention the incredible coup of having the first game take place in one of the world’s most famous arenas. Clearly, both NBC and the folks at MSG have seen value in the potential audience base (and therefore marketability) of the NPGL, so it will be interesting to see where the relationship between the two entities will take the league in year two, especially when considering that more teams are set to join the fun in 2015.

For now it’s going to be quite something to witness athletes compete in the fast-passed NPGL matches, so if you can I suggest you try to get tickets to see it in person! Visit the NPGL schedule page for the full list of 2014 games and ticketing information.

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