Unlock Muscle Growth Discover the keys to accelerating muscle growth with three science-backed workout splits: Upper/Lower, Push/Pull/Legs, and Full-Body. Find out which method suits your goals and experience best!

The Science of Strength Training frequency and volume are crucial for muscle hypertrophy. Studies suggest training a muscle group twice a week leads to superior gains, and progressive overload is essential for continuous improvement.

Full-Body Split Advantages Ideal for beginners and those short on time, the Full-Body Split targets all major muscle groups 3-4 days a week with compound movements, promoting rapid strength and mass improvements.

Upper/Lower Split Benefits Tailored for intermediate lifters, the Upper/Lower Split divides sessions into focused upper and lower body workouts, ensuring balanced training and recovery for enhanced strength and muscle growth.

Push/Pull/Legs for Big Gains Geared towards the dedicated, Push/Pull/Legs Split increases training frequency and volume, concentrating on specific movement patterns for comprehensive muscle stimulation and accelerated growth.