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April 20, 2015

Win an Rx Smart Gear Zeus 8.6 Jump Rope

Written by Damect Dominguez

This contest is now closed.

Win  Rx Smart Gear’s Zeus 8.6 Custom Jump Rope

Aircraft grade cable with PVC coating. Currently our heaviest cable weighing just over half a pound at 8.6 ounces per 9 foot length (excluding handles). The Zeus cable is the perfect weight that still provides a cardio based workout infused  with the resistance training of weight lifting.

This cable was carefully selected to ensure that the user can perform fluid double-unders with the highest amount of resistance while not altering the jumper’s technique or mechanics. Anything heavier will start to break down the jumper’s form and increase the potential for injury. Can you tame Gods?

To learn more Rx Smart Gear or the Zues 8.6 Jump Rope visit

Contest runs April 20th-26th. Winners will be announced April 27th.

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