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October 11, 2018

Wodapalooza & Dubai CrossFit Championship: Week 1 Wrap Up + Week 2 Workouts

Written by William Imbo

With Wodapalooza and Dubai CrossFit Championship week one out of the way, we can now get a look at the leaderboards and see what’s shaking out. Some athletes have been very busy trying to keep up with both qualifier workouts.

For the men’s Elite/Rx division, Tyler Ashpaugh out of CrossFit Eclipse in Tulsa, OK leads the board with Anthon Berry out of CrossFit Inferno in second and Michael Husar from CrossFit Decimate in third. Regional athlete Josh Gervais is in contention, sitting in twelfth and Regional athlete Paul Castillo is just out of Elite contention sitting at twenty-fist.

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On the women’s side of the Elite/Rx, 23-year-old Savannah Gosselin is out in front with CrossFit Big Spring’s Culley Jo Wilson behind her in second and Brittany Duchaussee out of CrossFit Albuquerque in third. Some other names you might recognize in the top 20 are CrossFit Invictus’ Chantelle Loehner  in tenth place and another Games athlete, Colleen Fotsch in thirteenth. Notable names currently out of contention based on this week’s results are Kaela Stephano and Kelley Jackson.

Week Two Workouts

Announced today, week two workouts are:
Workout 4
16-minute AMRAP
Devil Press (50/35 lbs)
Atl. DB Step-ups (24/20 in)
Start with two reps of each and increase by two reps each round, so 2/2, 4/4, 6/6, etc.

Workout 5
15-minute AMRAP
30 back squat (135/95 lbs)
30 toes to bar
30 back squat
30 deficit handstand push-ups (6/4 in)
30 back squats
30/20 ring muscle ups

For full workout details visit the Wodapalooza page here.

Dubai CrossFit Championship
The leaderboards here look at little more diverse than Wodapalooza, however, for the men, Americans Nate Hoiland and Stephen Bart take the top two places on the leaderboard while South Korea’s Yoosik Kim sits in third. 2017 Games athlete Streat Hoerner sits in tenth place, France’s Willy Georges at twelfth and CrossFit Krypton’s Alec Smith is in fifteenth. Games winner and Alec’s brother Ben Smith is in twenty-first. Notable names currently out of the top 35 are Travis Mayer from CrossFit Passion, Paul Castillo, and 2018 third-fittest man on earth Lukas Hogberg in 52nd place.

On the women’s side, Brazil’s Danielle Nogueira is in first place after week one, Dubai’s own Tamara Nieuwenhuijze is in second and 2018’s second-fittest woman on earth Laura Horvath is in third. Loehner is doing well with these workouts, sitting in eighth place just above Jackson, who is currently out of qualifying for Wodapalooza. Veteran Games competitor Samantha Briggs is in fourteenth place while 17-year-old phenom Haley Adams is in 20th place. Notable names outside the top 35 are Lindsey Valenzuela, Alessandra Pichelli and Amanda Hardeman.

Week 2’s WOD is:
Part A:
4 Rounds for Time
8m Front Rack Lunges
8 Bar Facing Burpees
8m Front Rack Lunges
8 Bar Facing Burpees
8 Bar Muscle-ups
Front Rack Lunges: 110/85 pounds

Part B:
Once the 4 rounds are completed, use the remaining time to find max weight of the following complex:1
Hang Clean + 2 Front Squats (3 successful unbroken reps)

Photo courtesy of Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival

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