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November 19, 2018

Wodapalooza Team Qualifier Highlights

Written by William Imbo

The Wodapalooza same-gender 3-person team event wrapped up Nov. 12, with a punishing set of 10 workouts for each team to complete and submit. Teammates did not have to be from the same location or even complete any of the online qualifier workouts physically in the same location. Athletes had 10 days to complete the 10 workouts, listed below. The workouts tested nearly every component of fitness, and athletes saw some familiar faces (Girl WODs Jackie, Karen and Fran, for example), as well as some time trials and the Devil’s Press, a somewhat unfamiliar dumbbell complex.

Workout Highlights
Though they may not be competing for a spot at the CrossFit Games, these athletes are no joke. On the men’s side, in workout 5, 8th place team El Equipo De Tejas completed Jackie, Karen and Fran in 11:48 – with their Fran time being a mind-numbing 1:58. Third-place men’s team Batata Con Manteca completed 90 bar muscle ups in 4:13 – and their top guy completed 40 unbroken reps. Not to be outdone, on the ladies side, the number two qualifying team Bigg Power Girls completed the bar muscle ups in 4:25, also with a single woman completing 40 unbroken bar muscle ups. Workout 4, a cumulative load of 5 heaviest snatches in a three-minute window, Team Soul took this event (and the entire qualifier) with a cumulative load of 525 pounds, with their top girl snatching 180 five times within the three-minute window.

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Workout 1 – Athlete A – For Time
3 Rounds Of
10 Backsquats (225, 155Lbs)
20 Toes To Bar
Workout 2 – Athlete B – For Time
3 Rounds Of
15 Backsquats (185, 125Lbs)
15 Deficit Hspu (6In, 4In)
Workout 3 – Athlete C – For Time
3 Rounds Of
20 Backsquats (135, 95Lbs)
10 Ring Muscle-Ups

Workout 4
For Total Cumulative Load (Athlete A + Athlete B + Athlete C)
In A 3Min Window, Each Athlete Individually Establishes Their 5 Heaviest Snatches
*Singles Or Touch & Go Allowed / Weight Cannot Change
Workout 5
Each Has A 10 Min Time-Cap
Athlete A – Jackie For Time:
1000M Row
50 Thrusters (45, 35Lbs)
30 Pull-Ups
Athlete B – Karen For Time:
150 Wallballs (20, 14Lbs To 10Ft)
Athlete C – Fran For Time:
Thrusters (95, 65Lbs)

In a 10min window, each athlete individually completes:
Workout 6
Row Time Trial (2000m, 1750m)
Workout 7
Max Devil Press (50, 35lbs)

Workout 8
For total cumulative time:
60 Deadlifts (135, 95lbs)
45 Overhead Squats (135, 95lbs)
30 Shoulder to Overhead (135, 95lbs)
Time-cap- 20min each athlete

Workout 9
Every 4 minutes, for 4 rounds:
3min of work, followed by 1min of rest
60 Double-Unders
16 Dumbbell Step-overs (24’, 20’) (50, 35lbs)
Remaining time:
Max Bar Facing Burpees

Workout 10
Total cumulative time
Athlete A – 40 Bar Muscle-ups
Athlete B – 30 Bar Muscle-ups
Athlete C – 20 Bar Muscle-ups
7 min cap on each

While teams still must submit videos for the final step in the qualification process, here are the top team at the end of the qualifier. The top 20 qualifiers in the same-gender team competition will compete in the Elite division, while qualifiers 21-80 will compete in the RX division.

Your Elite qualifiers are:

Ocean State’s Fittest: Ocean State CrossFit
Axom Performance: CrossFit Mayhem/CrossFit Overton
Batata Con Manteca: Tuluka CrossFit
Sophia’s the Queen: Independent athletes
Blacklisted HQ: Nate Independent athletes
USN Team: Instinto CrossFit
Fuel4Life: Dahlbox
El Equipo De Tejas: CrossFit Wild West
RX Lab – The Flying V: CrossFit Villeray/Gym Le Vestiaire
FSU – Mixed affiliates
Nativetech USA: Independent athletes
Second Alarm CrossFit: Second Alarm CrossFit
2010 Labs: CrossFit Captivate
Team Iceland: Independent athletes
Swiss Guard’s: CrossFit Riviera
Wolfpack: Independent athletes
USDA Natural Beef: Meat Locker Fitness
CF Hype: CrossFit Hype
Team Wit: WIT Training
NOEQL Training: CrossFit 813
Team Soul: CrossFit Soul Miami
Bigg Power Girls: Bigg CrossFit
Two Mainers and a Nomad: CrossFit MF
Chitown Girls: South Loop Strength and Conditioning
Big Dawgs Athlete: CrossFit Bound
Team Old Needy and Lazy: Crucible CrossFit
#NOBS: Independent athletes
Team Hype: CrossFit Hype
Carolina Performance Training: Carolina CrossFit
Team Taranis: CrossFit Taranis
Laminin Linebackers: CrossFit Laminin
Latinas: Fuerza CrossFit MZL
The Colorado Crew: CrossFit Omnia
East Caost Broads: CrossFit Roseland
Michigan Muscle: CrossFit Lake Effect
Coliseum Strength: The Coliseum Strength and Conditioning
Teak JKP John’s Killer Protein: Ocean State CrossFit
Team Foodspring Finland: CrossFit 8000
Team Harda S.S. CrossFit Craic/CrossFit Good Fortune/CrossFit EGA
Majestic Ladies: CrossFit Majestic

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