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January 10, 2019

Wodapalooza: Workouts 1 & 2 Announced

Written by William Imbo

With more eyes on it than ever as the second CrossFit Games sanctioned event of the 2019 season, Miami’s Wodapalooza released the first official workouts this week, listing them as workouts five and six. In the past, there have been as many as nine events total over the four-day competition. Twenty men, twenty women and ten four-person teams will compete at Bayfront Park for the second set of invitations to the CrossFit Games.

Only one man and one woman from the elite division have competed at the CrossFit Games previously, so there is a reasonable chance we’ll see a rookie qualify out of this event. The elite teams, however, are stacked with Games veterans: We’ll see Froning and crew from CrossFit Mayhem, Sam and Jenn Dancer from Invictus X, The “Plus Ultra” team, including Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet, Nick Uranker, Travis Williams and Thuri Helgadottir. We’ll also see Team Invictus who punched their ticket to Madison last month at the Dubai CrossFit Championship.

For all divisions, The Ocho Chipper alternates gymnastics movements with weightlifting movements, though it looks slightly different depending on the competitor division. The elite team of four division will be working with the dreaded worm for their weighted movements, lunging an increasing 25 feet at a time. Teams will also be working under a 20-minute time cap while there is no time cap listed for individuals.

Workout 5: The Ocho Chipper

Individual Elite
30/20 Bar Muscle Up
30 Hang Power Cleans (165, 115lb)
30 Defict HSPU (6/4″)
30 Front Squat
30 Toes To Bar
30 Shoulder to OH

Elite Teams of Four
20 Synchronized Bar Muscle-ups
40 Synchronized Deficit Handstand Push-ups (6, 4in)
50ft Worm Lunge
20 Synchronized Bar Muscle-ups
40 Synchronized Deficit Handstand Push-ups
75ft Worm Lunge
20 Synchronized Bar Muscle-ups
40 Synchronized Deficit Handstand Push-ups
100ft Worm Lunge
*2 athletes working at a time until lunge

Workout 6 will also be completed “chipper style,” with each handstand walk and snatch couplet to be completed within a 2-minute timeframe. If an athlete completes the first set under two minutes, he or she will move immediately to the second set, which needs to be completed before the running clock hits 4:00. If competitors fail to complete the required movements under the timecaps, they will receive a one-second penalty for each incomplete repetition.

For the team portion, this workout looks quite different. It will be scored in two parts, the first weighted double unders and a 20-foot handstand walk obstacle course and the second the cumulative weight of all team members’ one rep max clean and jerk. Each gender pair will have six minutes to complete all of this. For the pairs, one athlete will complete 6a before the other athlete can begin.

Workout 6: Circus Act

Individual Elite
40ft Obstacle HS Walk
5 Snatches (225, 145lb)

40ft Obstacle HS Walk
3 Snatches (255, 160lb)

40ft Obstacle HS Walk
1 Snatch (275, 175lb

Elite Teams of Four
Scored: 6a- For Time on double-unders & HS Walk
6b- Total Combined Load on C&J

6min per gender, back to back
100 Heavy Double Unders
20ft HS Obstacle Once
Remaining Time 1RM Clean and Jerk
*Women go first

Photo courtesy of Wodapalooza

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