How long on elliptical to see results like this muscular leg

Reap the Benefits Quickly: How Long on Elliptical to See Results?

Without a doubt, the elliptical machine is a modern staple for aerobic exercise and muscle strengthening. But how long do you need to use it to actually notice a difference? With so many of us focused on instant gratification and quick resultcs, it’s no surprise that the answer to this question is top of mind. … Read more

A man feeling knee pain after using an elliptical machine

Knee Pain on Elliptical: Causes and Solutions

Do you feel an uncomfortable jolt in your knees when using an elliptical? Are you wondering if you’re doing something wrong or if you could do something to improve it? You’re not alone – knee pain sufferers across the globe ask this very question in hopes of mitigating their elliptical woes. Let’s look at some … Read more

A woman running on elliptical at home

Is Running on Elliptical an Effective Cross-Training for Runners?

There are various good reasons why most running books and training programs mention cross-training for runners. Even though runners love racking up miles, to get the most out of their running, be stronger and avoid injuries, cross training and mixing up their workouts by running on elliptical is a great idea. There’s only so many … Read more

a man trying Elliptical vs Rowing

Elliptical vs Rowing: Which workout is the best?

Trying to figure out the best form of cardio to do? We always recommend choosing something you enjoy. But you might be limited by the equipment at the gym, or you might want to switch between machines to avoid boredom. So let’s consider two of the most popular cardio machines: elliptical vs rowing machines. Both … Read more