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Introducing The Peak Past 50 Workout

I’m 53 and have never felt better. I’ve gained muscle, lost belly fat, and have so much more energy.

Get Fitter in 90 Minutes Per Week

A proven workout designed for men over 50 to build muscle, shed fat, and reclaim your fitness (or your money back).

Shed Fat
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Increase strength
Burn about 700 calories per session

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Julien Raby


Julien owns BoxLife and has been actively involved in CrossFit since 2010. He’s a CrossFit Level 1 certified.

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Damect Dominguez


Damect Dominguez is the esteemed founder of Boxlife Magazine and the writer behind “Training Day – 400+ original WODs“.

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Steve Hoyles

Fitness Copywriter

With over two decades in the fitness sector, Steve Hoyles has evolved from a personal trainer and weightlifting coach to owning a prominent strength and conditioning facility in the UK.

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Mauro Castillo

Crossfit Copywriter

Mauro Castillo embarked on his CrossFit journey in 2016, transitioning from a client to a coach, and eventually co-owning an affiliate with two colleagues from January 2020 to January 2022.

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Ilinka Trenova

Product Review Copywriter

Ilinka Trenova is a passionate CrossFit enthusiast and an exceptional content creator with a decade of experience in both fields.