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What Is The Ideal Male Body in 2023?

Over 510 million people follow the hashtag, #fitness on social media outlets like Instagram and TikTok. It’s clear that many people are looking for the latest trends to not only increase their level of fitness but to also find tips on how to sculpt their bodies into the perfect physique. We are a product of ... Read more

Published August 20, 2023 by Julien Raby

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CrossFit Trainer Fined For Talking About Nutrition

It’s undeniable that nutrition is one of the most important aspects of health and fitness. With so much contradicting information on what foods we should be putting into our bodies, many people often turn to the trainers and fitness experts they trust most. Affiliates and health coaches across the world have successfully lead weight loss ... Read more

Published August 12, 2019 by Audrey Carson

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The More Fitness the Better: Large Study Shows Elite Cardiorespiratory Performers Live Longer

It turns out, cardiorespiratory fitness is pretty important if you plan on living a long life. Last week, the Cleveland Clinic released study results that showed increased cardiorespiratory fitness was directly associated with reduced long-term mortality – and the fitter, the better. Researchers found that there was no upper limit on the positive effects of ... Read more

Published October 25, 2018 by Damect Dominguez

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