A man performing a deadlift for back building

Deadlift for Back Building – How to Get it Right

The deadlift has been referred to as the ‘king’ of exercises for many years. It has earned this title because it’s one of the larger compound movements, training a lot of muscle in one go. In addition, it’s usually the strongest lift in an athlete’s repertoire, allowing them to lift more weight than any other ... Read more

Published June 2, 2023 by Steve Hoyles

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A man performing the best squats for hamstrings at the gym

What Are The Best Squats For Hamstrings And How To Do Them?

Your legs are a complicated mixture of bones, muscles and connective tissues. These muscles fire in different patterns relative to their position and the movements they’re undertaking. For this reason, we can change muscle activation with different types of squats for hamstrings. The hamstring muscles group contains three different muscles… They run down the back ... Read more

Published May 9, 2023 by Steve Hoyles

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