Have you heard of collagen protein? It’s about time you did.

Have you heard of collagen protein? It’s about time you did If you pay any attention to the health supplement world, you’re probably familiar with collagen, the protein source many people are now mixing into coffee and smoothies. If you’re not familiar with it, you may have heard the word thrown around in skin care … Read more

Intra-Workout Jelly Beans? Why Simple Sugars Can Boost Your Training

Sugar, especially in the CrossFit world, gets a bad rap. For the most part, rightfully so: It’s an addictive substance that’s overused in many of the packaged products we consume. Just ask CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman for more. However, simple sugars can have their time in the sun if consumed at the right time during … Read more

Does Protein Timing Really Matter for Recovery & Performance Gains?

There’s a good chance you aren’t eating enough protein, the macronutrient responsible for repairing and building muscle. While getting the right amount of protein throughout the day is important, properly timing your protein consumption is also key to maintaining and building muscle mass—especially if you’re lifting weights regularly. Protein before training Exercising, especially weight lifting, … Read more

4 Creative Ways to Get Your Greens In

While there are many diets and eating plans floating around right now in the fitness world, we all can agree that eating dark, leafy greens are essential to a healthy nutrition plan. They provide fiber, Vitamin K and A and are a source of antioxidants. If you’re missing these in your diet, you’re missing out … Read more

Does Your Post Workout Protein Shake Need More Carbs?

Most of us have probably heard about the benefits of drinking chocolate milk post-workout. A lot of health conscious individuals, despite knowing that a beverage like chocolate milk can be beneficial for recovery, are hesitant to start chugging down Yoo-Hoos and, instead, opt for the traditional protein shake. In doing so, these people are missing … Read more

Is Kre-Alkalyn Creatine Better? A Look at Swolverine’s Kre-Alkalyn

The use of nutritional supplements is well established within multiple athletic and fitness fields. For athletes seeking to gain an edge in their performance and recovery, the wide array of supplements on the market gives them plenty of options to choose from. As for myself, I’ve been supplementing with creatine monohydrate for over 10 years! … Read more