Choosing the right workout partner—5 Questions to ask yourself

CrossFit, for the majority of us, is an individual sport. And just like any other sport (or strength and conditioning program), we seek to become better in multiple areas to improve our performance and ourselves. We do this in a variety of ways; from the food we eat to the equipment we buy, but one … Read more

Is Stretching before a wod negatively impacting you?

Is Your Stretching Routing Negatively Impacting Your Performance? What if what you’ve been taught since grade school is dead wrong? Not only wrong, but what if what you were taught in your elementary phys ed class is currently having a negative impact on your performance. Remember touching your toes and holding it for 30 seconds? … Read more

It’s Time to Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

In sport, what separates the elite from the best? Those athletes who rise to the top have many high quality physical and technical attributes that enable them to excel at their profession. But when you pick out those individuals who will be remembered long after they retire, there is one attribute that stands out. Mental … Read more


If you’ve ever researched how to manage tight hips, help a lower back tweak, improve ankle stability or shoulder mobility, then you’ve more than likely heard of Kelly Starrett. Doctor of Physical Therapy, Starrett (or “K-Star” as he is affectionately called within the CrossFit community) is known as the mobility god in an otherwise tight … Read more


Given this is the Games issue, it’s appropriate to discuss how Olympic Weightlifting plays a role in your preparation for any competition, especially the highly prestigious Reebok CrossFit Games. Whether your goal is a local meet or the big time, many principles remain the same. After all, whatever gets you far probably works. Trust it … Read more