Bruises Mistaken For Hickies: CrossFit Athlete Files Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

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A female athlete from CrossFit Double Take has claimed to be the victim of wrongful termination after she was fired from her position as a paralegal in New York City. Addison Fox says her firm (April and Sons) mistakenly took the marks on her neck as hickies (also known as ‘love bites’) when in reality they were bruises caused by the impact of a barbell repeatedly crashing against her neck and collarbone.

“Every CrossFitter knows that by doing this sport, you’re going to end up with some marks on the body. Bloodied shins, ripped hands, bruised collarbones—you name it. It’s common. I don’t think I’m the first female CrossFitter to be mistaken for having hickies on her neck.”

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Unfortunately, her employers “are not CrossFitters”, and refused to believe her explanation, criticizing Fox for not carrying “a professional appearance and demeanor that is expected of an employee of April and Sons.”

When questioned as to whether she thought about covering up the marks with make-up, Fox, 26, responded, “Absolutely not. I’m proud of the marks and bruises I earn from my workouts, just as I’m sure a lot of other CrossFitters are. I like to think of them as my battle scars. They’re a part of me. If my boss wants to claim that I got them some other way, she’s got another thing coming.”

That ‘other thing’ is a wrongful termination lawsuit that Fox intends to file “as soon as possible.” Until that time, she’ll continue to attend class at CrossFit Double Take and wonder how many people actually believe that a story such as this could happen on the first day of April.

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