How Poor Posture Affects Your Health and Athletic Performance

Your everyday, non-training posture has a far greater impact on our athletic performance and mental and physical health than you probably realize. Sure, you know it’s bad to slouch and that we should stand up straight when walking, but do we know why that’s the case? I bet if you knew what poor posture was … Read more

Wrist Mobility: Why It’s Important + 8 Exercises to Improve It

How’s your front rack position? Do you wince with pain in your wrists when the barbell forces them back, swing a kettlebell overhead, or even try to complete several push-ups in a row? I’m sure you are not alone. In fact, I’d wager that almost every CrossFitter has experienced some sort of wrist pain in … Read more

Using PRP Therapy to Treat Injuries

PRP, in a nutshell, is a procedure that imitates our body’s response to an injury in a more powerful and accelerated way though the use of high-concentrations of our body’s platelets.

Inner Peace: Exploring Your Pre-Competition Mindset

Competition is ever-present in the CrossFit community. Aside from the Open, Regionals and the CrossFit Games, more local “throwdowns” are taking place. This allows a variety of athletes, at all skill levels, the opportunity to experience the competition component of CrossFit. So even if you have never competed perhaps a competition is on the horizon. … Read more