woman using rowing machine which is a good full body workout and has many benefits

What is a rowing machine good for?

Wonder what is a rowing machine good for? It’s nearly accepted home decor: The uninspiring treadmill underneath stacks of out-of-season clothes. Elsewhere, the abandoned elliptical. Every grandpa must have a late 70’s airdyne.  But if it’s a rowing machine you see, it often tells a different story. It’s simple, not sexy. No HD touchscreen. A … Read more

a man rowing for weight loss

Do rowing machine help you lose weight: Science, Workouts, and Calories burned

During the ’80s, spinning bikes and treadmills revolutionized the health and fitness industry, just like Sony’s Walkman did with music.  But, despite all this, rowing machines didn’t stay behind for long. Indoor rowers were first designed in the Mid-19th Century to help professional rowers improve their stroke mechanics and enhance their performance throughout the season.  … Read more

a man rowing every day on his rowing machine

Rowing Everyday: Good or Bad Idea? 

Rowing is an excellent form of cardio and muscular exercise. But is rowing everyday a good idea or a bit too much?  If you’re entering a cut, or you want to build muscle while you’re doing cardio, rowing workouts are one of the best you can choose. But like with everything, overtraining is always a … Read more

a man doing a good workout with rowing machine

10 Reasons Why Rowing is such a Good Workout

Rowing machines (aka ergometers) have gathered dust in the gyms since the days of Jack LaLanne and the Weider brothers. In most gyms, they’re one of the least used pieces of equipment, right next to the safety squat bars and deadlift platform. But if you stop and think about it, rowing machines have a lot … Read more

a man trying Elliptical vs Rowing

Elliptical vs Rowing: Which workout is the best?

Trying to figure out the best form of cardio to do? We always recommend choosing something you enjoy. But you might be limited by the equipment at the gym, or you might want to switch between machines to avoid boredom. So let’s consider two of the most popular cardio machines: elliptical vs rowing machines. Both … Read more

a man is using a rowing machine which is good for his back

Are Rowing Machines Bad For Your Back?

Roughly 31 million Americans will experience lower back pain at any given moment. Because back pain symptoms are so prevalent, many Americans search for causes and solutions. Indoor rowing machines are a popular solution for back pain. The movement offers a low-impact, full-body workout that can prevent back pain and improve cardiovascular endurance. Unfortunately, some … Read more