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2023 CrossFit Games Quarterfinals: Everything You Need to Know

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Julien Raby

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The CrossFit Open is in the books and we’re onto the next stage of qualifying for the 2023 NoBull CrossFit Games that will take place this summer in Madison, Wisconsin.

With the revamped format, some athletes and spectators are still a little unclear how CrossFit Games season runs. Now that we’re onto the quarterfinals, a quick refresher might be helpful.

2023 CrossFit Games Quarterfinals
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Here’s everything you need to know for individual and team athletes, as well as resources for ensuring you’re ready for the CF Quarterfinals.

What Are the CrossFit Games Quarterfinals?

Think of the CF Quarterfinals as the second round of CrossFit competition season. It’s the last stage of the remote competition before the in-person semifinals take place, which this year will be in May and June 2023 in eight different spots across the world.

From the Quarterfinals, there will be 60 men and women individual athletes chosen (as well as 40 teams) to advance to the third round.

This online qualifier is designed to eliminate more high-level athletes who made the first cut and get closer to the final roster that will compete at the CrossFit Games this summer.

The Quarterfinals consist of 5 workouts to be completed between March 16 to March 19.

2023 CrossFit Games Quarterfinals: Key Dates

The CrossFit Games Quarterfinals in 2023 run from March 16 to March 19.

The competition is held online and basically takes place over one weekend (with an extra day for Thursday tossed in, too). Athletes and teams have four days to complete the tests with specific submission windows (three of them) scheduled over the four days.

If you hope to qualify for the semifinals, you’ll need to videotape all your workouts and submit them for verification.

Registration for athletes opens on March 13 and the workout tests get released at 12pm on the 16th.

Age Groups

Age groups are important this year, because if you want to compete in the quarterfinals you need to know what your cutoff point is for your age group.

They fall into the same categories as the Open. 18 to 34 qualify you for the regular competition, over 35 qualify you for the Master’s competition, and teenagers that are 14 to 17 can compete in the teen competition.

How to Qualify for Quarterfinals?

You should know if you qualified for the CrossFit Games Quarterfinal event by now. But if you’re unsure, it comes down to the top ten percent for your age and where you registered to compete.

The numbers break down like this by region:

  • North America: 7,062 athletes
  • South America: 675 athletes
  • Europe: 5,429 athletes
  • Asia: 963 athletes
  • Africa: 444 athletes
  • Oceania: 909 athletes

You can find that information on the qualification page for the CrossFit Games website. Only 20 or 30 athletes will be taken for each of the semifinal events, so the quarterfinal is going to cut it down even more.

Notably, there will not be a last chance qualifier this year as there was in 2022. You have to get in through the conventional rounds or it’s better luck next year.

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2023 CrossFit Games Quarterfinals: Structure and Timeline

The Quarterfinals take place March 16 to March 19.

The CrossFit semifinals take place May 18 through June 4. The exact date depends on location. In the semifinals, athletes will have to travel to their respective destination based on their location to compete.

The 2023 CrossFit Games take place August 1 through August 6.

Athletes, regardless of their age group, must film their workouts to qualify for the semifinals.

CrossFit introduced the worldwide ranking system (WWR) this year, which can also be a factor for those looking to get beyond the quarterfinals. If you don’t register for the quarterfinals, you won’t receive the update from the CrossFit Games website, which could affect your final place.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve clearly got some serious CrossFit chops. We wish you the best of luck and hope you make it to the next round!


Julien Raby is the owner of BoxLife. He owns a bachelor in literature and a certificate in marketing from Concordia. He's Crossfit Level 1 certified and has been involved in Crossfit since 2010. In 2023 he finally made it to Crossfit Open Quarterfinals for the first time. LinkedIn Instagram Facebook

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