Getting to Know Scott Panchik

CrossFit competitors are real people like you and me. They sweat, they feel the pain during a grueling workout, they occasionally like a slice of pizza. They are human, particularly two-time Games athlete Scott Panchik. “My favorite treat is pepperoni pizza. Hands down my favorite pizza place in the world is Valentino’s, this little hole … Read more

The Ugly Truth of GMOs

It’s generally understood by those of us in the CrossFit world, the loyal paleo-eaters and zone-dieters, that going organic in our diet is key to high performance in our workouts, better recovery and an overall healthier lifestyle. Heck, even the general population knows this, but often times avoids buying organic produce because they may not … Read more

Josh Bridges: 2011’s 2nd Fittest Man Is Back!

In 2011, he gained notoriety with a 2nd place worldwide finish in the Open. He became a fan favorite when he later won the beach event, the first event to air on ESPN2 as part of the 2011 CrossFit Games. Considered an underdog by some, that weekend he earned a podium spot with a 2nd … Read more

5 Steps To A Successful Box

CrossFit is a business. It’s super fun and changes lives, but still, it’s a business. The goal of every business is to make money. You gotta eat! I realize some people simply rent a warehouse, get their CF name and are successful overnight. However, the brand is expanding and those days are numbered. There’s a … Read more

How CrossFit Conquered An Eating Disorder

Nine out of 10 American teen girls feel pressured to be thin. So how does CrossFit come into play? Strong is the new skinny. Literally. Read the inspiring story of how CrossFit changed the lives of 3 all-star women.