No Excuses: From Heart Failure to CrossFit

By Kacie Fisher I’ve been an athlete all my life, and started organized sports at the age of 3. I learned balance and coordination in Wee Ones Gymnastics, teamwork in soccer and tee ball, and the value of hard work and determination through competition. The most important strengths I gained as an athlete are mental … Read more

Double Unders: The Basics

Have you mastered 100 or so single jumps and are ready to tackle the Double-Under? Understanding the basics of Core to Extremity will help you achieve max rep efforts and unbroken sets. You’ll need to learn to use your large muscle groups for stability and support while using smaller muscle groups to jump and flick … Read more

How To Develop The Coach’s Eye

Developing into a good Olympic Weightlifting coach takes a lot of time and practice. Here, Olympic Weightlifting veteran Daniel Camargo gives us 5 tips to help us develop the ‘coach’s eye’.

The Jerk

Olympic Weightlifting is known for the two competition lifts at the Olympic Games: the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. However, when we consider those movements and all the assistance exercises, for the purpose of fitness and functional training, there are actually three movements to consider: the Snatch, Clean and the Jerk. Sure, people treat the … Read more

The Benefits Of Box Breathing

Box breathing is a simple concentration exercise that also retrains your nervous system to breathe properly. Use this next time you feel stress or at the box during your next WOD.