Complete Guide for the Best Lighting for Home Gym: What You Need to Know

Shopping for barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells can be exciting when outfitting your home gym—just don’t overlook the important aspect of home gym lighting, which may not be as exciting, but definitely matters for a number of reasons. Learn the benefits of recessed lighting, overhead lights, LED lights, along with some handy home gym lighting ideas … Read more


The Military Press – Benefits, Proper Form and Muscles Worked

What is a Military Press? The Military Press is the most basic exercise for developing strength in the overhead press. It is performed with a barbell and involves only upper body movement, bringing the barbell from the front rack position, overhead. The shoulders, traps and triceps are the primary muscles used, but with heavy weights, … Read more

Weight Plate Colors: The Complete Guide for Olympic Plates

If you’re new to weightlifting or strength training, the different weight colors you see on some bumper plates might be confusing. Especially if you’re thinking about investing in home gym equipment and trying to decide which weight plates to buy. Whether you want to buy Olympic plates and understand the colors, or are just wondering … Read more

How Many Calories Do Burpees Burn?

Burpees are a fantastic body weight exercise that shed fat, burn calories, and even help you build muscle. They require no equipment, either, making the exercise a great choice for home workouts, hotel workouts, or training with limited fitness equipment. Here’s how many calories burpees burn, plus some tips to lose weight adding burpees to … Read more

Farmer’s Walk (or Carry): Benefits, Proper Form and Muscles Worked

If you’re looking to add more cardio into your workout routine, a full-body exercise like the farmer’s walk is a great starting point. This is one of the simplest yet one of the best exercises for boosting your overall strength and fitness. To execute it with a perfect form, get a pair of dumbbells loaded … Read more