An athlete practicing rowing to change his body

How Does Rowing Change Your Body? 10 Benefits and How to Row the Right Way

If you’re new to rowing, you might wonder, “How does rowing change your body?” If you’re used to other forms of exercise, you might want to become more familiar with the full-body benefits of rowing workouts. We’re going to answer that question for you today. We’ll offer a detailed explanation of how your body changes … Read more

a man training its 5000 m row time

5000m Row Time: What’s a Good Time to Aim For? 

A 5000m row is a great goal for beginners rowers to aim for. It’s not too far that you won’t be able to handle it, but not so short that it’s not a challenge. Keep in mind that while you might be able to stick to your pace for 1000m or 2000m, getting a 5000m … Read more

A people doing a 1000 m row time

1000m Row Time: What’s a Good Goal? 

The 1000-meter row event has become a popular distance thanks to its inclusion as a main event in the 2020 CrossFit Games. But it has some practical applications as well. If you know your 1000m row time, you can fairly accurately predict your time for longer distances. While it’s more of an art than a … Read more

Types of Rowing Machines And Which Is Best 

Whether you’re considering starting rowing as a form of exercise or you’re an experienced rower looking to add your own machine to your home gym, it’s beneficial to understand the different types of rowing machines.  Not all rowers are created equal. While there are certain types that are more commonplace, if you’re considering investing in … Read more

Rowing Machine vs Spin Bike: Which Is the Better Cardio Choice? 

Whether you’re building a home gym or just trying to decide which cardio machine to use at the gym, the options are usually quite vast. For some, one of the harder choices is whether to choose the rowing machine vs spin bike.  These two machines are among the most popular pieces of equipment. They both … Read more

a woman using a rowing machine for back pain

Rowing Machine Back Pain: How To Fix It And Avoid It

According to Wilson et al. (2021), 66% of rowers will experience back pain during a 12-month period (1). Although that could scare away people trying to get into rowing, we intend to provide all the information necessary to avoid it and fix it once and for all. After this article, you’ll know what rowing-related back … Read more