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How Many Calories Do You Burn on the Elliptical?

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An elliptical is a wonderful option for improving muscle strength and endurance. But how many calories do you burn on the elliptical? In this article, we are going to tell you about it. Let’s get started.

Factors That Affect How Many Calories Do You Burn on the Elliptical

Generally, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you can burn in the same amount of time. Also, the number of calories burned during a full-body workout depends on the exercise intensity, weight and age of a person, and duration of workout.

A woman wondering how many calories do you burn on the elliptical
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How Many Calories Do You Burn on the Elliptical?

There is no question that these gym machines will burn some calories, thereby helping you lose weight, provided you also maintain a healthful diet.

According to Harvard Health Publications, a typical, 30-minute elliptical workout burns about 270 calories for an average person who weighs 125 pounds, 335 calories for an average person who weighs 155 pounds, or 400 calories for someone who weighs 185 pounds.

Someone training at home knowing how many calories you do burn on the elliptical
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How to Calculate Calories Burned on the Elliptical Cardio Machine

Use the Elliptical Calorie Calculator

We recommend you use the elliptical calorie calculator to determine the number of calories you burn during elliptical aerobic workouts. This calculator is based on your exercise intensity and body weight. Also, you have to enter your exercise time to calculate properly how many calories you burn on the elliptical.

The Workout Intensity Matters

A high-intensity interval training for a beginner may be really hard and make them sweat. But for a pro athlete, it may be easy. To calculate calorie burning more accurately, estimate your intensity properly. If you can carry a conversation during your workout, it’s a moderate-intensity workout. If you begin to breathe fast and deep, you’re probably performing a vigorous-intensity exercise.

Use the Elliptical Machine’s Counter

The easiest way to calculate how many calories do you burn on the elliptical is to use the elliptical built-in calorie counter. If you have an elliptical with a calorie counter, you may be prompted to enter your age and weight and then choose a workout program. Remember that your workout equipment needs to be updated from time to time. Call your manufacturer if you have any questions regarding it.

How Effective Is the Elliptical for Weight Loss?

The elliptical cross-trainer machine is a low-impact type of activity, which is great for people who have joint issues. Because you’re just gliding on the elliptical. So, if you are overweight, you can use this safety tool to lose weight.

The elliptical engages the full body. You are doing push and pull movements with all major group muscles the whole time. The more muscles you use in an exercise, the more oxygen you’re required to bring in. Also, it puts a lot of stress on your cardiovascular system. When you start puffing, you have to become more efficient to do the aerobic exercise. 

With all that said, the elliptical burns a lot of calories, because, for every liter of oxygen you consume, you’re burning about five calories. So, the more oxygen you bring in, the more calories you burn.

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Useful Tips To Boost Your Elliptical Calorie Burn

Proper Elliptical Technique

The best thing about the elliptical aerobic activity is that it is approachable. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily perform an elliptical cardio workout. But some people think that it is easy. This is a myth. 

The form matters! If you are applying the wrong elliptical technique, you can’t get the most out of this physical activity. By the way, your body burns calories less effectively, if you lean on the handles.

No Talking

Do not talk on the phone. Do not watch TV. Do not read books. If you’re on the elliptical, you have to crank up the heavy resistance because if you don’t, you’re simply allowing the flywheel. The machine itself uses that momentum to guide you. And that’s a waste of time. You should increase the resistance and heart rate. You should get the intensity up so that you’re pushing and pulling each stroke through that elliptical movement.

Don’t Cut Your Calories Too Much

Change requires change. You’re going to think about how you approach your elliptical routine and diet. 

If you want to get a thin and stronger body as you get older, you have to go against what you’ve done. Your body always wants to fight the weight loss process. Because it perceives a calorie deficit as a danger. And this is why our metabolic rate decreases. We try to train longer and harder and we cut our calories lower. Sometimes we even give ourselves less recovery time. 

Our body does its best to survive and function based on what we’re giving it. This means it burns fewer calories at rest to conserve energy. Sometimes we want to move less or even decrease in our performance. That’s why we can lose more muscle mass during more extreme cardio exercises. Because our body will utilize what it can for fuel.

A woman training at home knowing how many calories she can burn on the elliptical
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How Many Calories Do You Burn on the Elliptical: FAQs

How long does it take to burn 500 calories on an elliptical?

For a 130-pound woman, it takes 1 hour to burn 500 calories on an elliptical trainer. If you are a 180-pound man, you should perform a 45-minute workout on an elliptical to burn 500 calories.

Are ellipticals good for losing belly fat?

Ellipticals are one of the best ways to reduce weight in the long term. But you can’t lose belly fat. This cardiovascular exercise machine helps you burn overall body fat.

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