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Orangetheory Before and After Transformations

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Julien Raby

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Many of us want to be more active and transform our bodies, but data shows that 91% of people give up on their fitness goals after just 2 weeks. Orangetheory is a great way to achieve the best result of weight loss as fast as possible. It’s a gym that is getting more and more popular. So, we are going to talk about Orangetheory before and after transformations in this article. Let’s get started.

What Is Orangetheory?

Orangetheory Fitness is a group personal training franchise with more than 1,500 locations spread around the world. It offers high-intensity interval training workouts that consist of 1 hour-long group classes that focus on both strength endurance and power. These training sessions are split up into two parts. 

An Orangetheory gym to illustrate the Orangetheory before and after transformations
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In the first treadmill portion of class, you will be on the treadmill machine focusing on a cardio type of work. The second strength portion of class is rower or bodyweight training where you spend some time on the row machines or you will do some bodyweight exercises with kettlebells, balls, and TRX straps.

But what sets Orangetheory apart from any other HIIT workout class or Bootcamp or CrossFit or any other group exercise class? All of their users wear heart rate monitors. So, when you’re in the class, your heart rate is displayed on a big old screen along with your name and it shows what heart rate zone you are in.

5 Heart Rate Zones

There are 5 different heart rate zones. Gray, blue, and green are your resting to moderately exercising zones. Once you get into the orange and red zones, you are putting out some exertion and your heart is working harder. So, everybody can see what zone they’re in and how hard they’re actually working during the exercise class to keep them accountable.

It is called Orangetheory Fitness because you want to aim for 12-20 minutes in that orange zone. That’s your sweet spot where your heart is working and you are burning calories efficiently. 

You get a splat point for every minute you spend in the orange zone. This is a little reward for showing that you’re actually working out. If you get 12-20 splat points, you win. You don’t win anything, but the idea is that you have an excess of post-exercise oxygen consumption. What does that mean? That’s just a scientific way to say that you are burning calories even after you are done working out.

So, if you get 12-20 splat points, then for the next 24 hours your body is still burning calories even though you’re not working out anymore. That’s the general idea of what Orangetheory fitness studio is.

A man deadlifting at an Orangetheory gym
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Orangetheory Prices 2023

Let’s talk about what Orangetheory Fitness costs. Is it worth it to pay that amount of money for what you’re getting? 

There are 3 different levels of Orangetheory membership plans. There is the Basic gym membership where basically you can get 4 fitness classes per month. You can use these effective workouts any time during the month. Typically, what people would do is use them once a week. So, it would be $60 a month for 4 fitness classes.

The next level up is the Elite membership where you get 8 training sessions. Typically, what you would do is you’d be going twice a week. That goes up to $100 a month.

And then finally, there is the Premier membership that costs $160. In that case, you can go as much as you would like.

Premium Studios

That is the cost for the fitness classes at a standard Orangetheory Fitness gym. There are also premium studios in markets that have a much higher cost. For example, in New York, Chicago, LA, and other big cities that have a much higher cost of living. 

If you travel to New York, you can use one of their studios. But what you’re going to do is pay an additional fee that’s called a drop-in fee. It can be anywhere from $10 and up. So, there is some price variation depending on what studio you use and where you live.

The Other Cost

The other cost is you do need to buy a heart monitor and that can be anywhere around $70 to $80 because they do use the heart monitor to measure how hard you are working. Monitoring your heart rate they’re monitoring your progress and motivating you towards specific goals. If you’re just going into the gym and working out haphazardly, you might never make any gains. 

Who Is Orangetheory Fitness Studio For?

You’re the right person if you are ready to push yourself for that hour. You set some goals that you want to achieve throughout the time that you are working out. And you are a person that likes that sense of community and that motivating factor.

This is not going to be for somebody that is looking to build a lot of muscle. This is not intended to build muscle mass. This is high-intensity exercise training. So, if you like the sense of community and want to work hard and you’re willing to set some goals and work towards achieving them, Orange Theory is definitely for you.

An Orangetheory gym
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Pros of Orangetheory

1. Splat Point System

The first con of Orangetheory fitness is their splat point system. By wearing a heart rate monitor and seeing your heart rate on the screen, you have to hold yourself accountable to actually working out.

2. Type of Workouts

Every class is different and every class is also the same. We mean that you’re going to have a half-hour block on the treadmills and a half-hour block on the rower or floor. But they always change what they do on the treadmills and rowers. They may walk or do sprints or have an incline day where they’re going to work on inclines at a slower rate. 

There are different workouts that they do but they’re still going to be spending 30 minutes on the treadmills. Similarly, they can switch up bodyweight exercises and how long they’re going to perform the exercises. But they’re still going to be on the rowers or on the floor for that other 30-minute block.

So, you spend a half hour on the treadmill. And then you switch it up on the rowing machine. But overall, it’s still the same machines being used in different formats.

3. Structure

The next pro is that you are told exactly what to do in the class. It is a very structured class. OTF combines all of the different group fitness classes into one: a weightlifting class, a Zumba class, and a treadmill class. And they tell you exactly what you should be doing at any given time.

For example, during a 30-minute treadmill block, you’re not just running for 30 minutes. They are guiding you through exactly what you should be doing every time. It’s great because you don’t need to be concerned about keeping track of your own time and when you should be switching exercises.

4. Inspiring Coaches

At Orangetheory Fitness, you get the energy of a group workout with the personal touch of an experienced coach. All of their coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging and are going to help you reach your personal fitness goal. 

Orangetheory fitness is group personal training. Their personal trainers give you encouragement and high-five you after the classes. They are not there to hyper-criticize and point you out in front of others or to push you beyond a comfortable level.

5. Comfort

They have lockers and showers. You get to keep all your stuff in the lockers. You don’t have to worry about taking it with you in the gym.

Weight loss at Orangetheory before and after
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6. Fitness Result

Even if you are an older generation, you can immediately start seeing Orangetheory before and after transformations in just a few sessions. The result is visible toning, more energy, and burning extra calories for up to 36 hours after the class. Your mental health will be significantly better and you’re going to look amazing. 

7. Personalization

On your first day, you’ll be greeted by one of their friendly Orange ambassadors. You’re always welcome to bring friends with you. Once you’re checked in, you’ll be set up with a heart rate monitor that will go around your chest or arm. After that, you’ll be given a VIP tour of the studio and you’re going to be introduced to your coach for the day. 

One of the unique things about Orangetheory Fitness is that it’s personalized to your fitness level. So, you’re going to be set up with a heart rate monitor that is personalized to you and your fitness goals. Whenever you come into the studio, your name will appear on the TV screens and you’ll be able to track your results in real-time on TV screens.

8. Performance Summary

You’ll be able to get a performance summary after the workout. It details how many calories you burn and how many minutes you spend training in each of your heart rate zones whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete. 

9. Scientifically Proven Theory

Their orange zone is scientifically proven to help you get better results. The orange zone or zone 4 is where you’ll experience the afterburn which will get you burning calories up to 36 hours after your workout. To get into the orange zone, you should have an appropriate heart rate. It’s different for everybody. Your heart rate percentage for that orange zone is 84 to 91% of your maximum heart rate percentage.

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Cons of Orangetheory

1. No-show and Late Cancel Fees

You will get charged for not going to a class that you sign up for. The idea is that you have to join the waitlist and you have to sign up for each individual class. So, by not signing up you took away a spot from somebody who would have shown up for class. So, you should get charged for it. 

It’s a con because you could wake up sick or you could have to take care of your kids. Make sure to call your gym as soon as you can and let them know the situation. They might waive the fee one or two times but if it’s not a regular thing. On the other hand, it holds you accountable for going to the training sessions you signed up.

2. Price

The second con is the biggest reason most people don’t sign up for OTF and that is that it is expensive. For example, the Orange Elite package is only 8 classes per month, that’s 2 classes a week. You have to pay $99-$119 a month for this.

The unlimited Premier monthly membership will cost $159 to $189 per month but could be even higher. There are only about 30 spots per class. You do have to sign up for your classes early to ensure that you get yourself a spot. If you don’t sign up in time, you are added to the waitlist because there’s only a finite amount of spots in the class.

3. Class Time

The next con would be their class times aren’t entirely inclusive for everybody’s schedules. There’s a huge chunk of time where there are no classes and then there’s a night class and 8-am one. In other words, they only have classes in the early morning and then later at night. So, they are not totally inclusive compared to a gym schedule that’s open 24 hours.

4. Coach’s Music

You don’t get to wear your own earbuds because you need to hear what they’re calling out to you and what you should be doing.

How Long Does It Take to See Results With Orangetheory?

If you exercise 3-4 days per week, you are consistent and follow a proper diet, losing 0.5 to 1.5% of body weight is a realistic purpose over a 1-week period. However, it depends on your body type, weight, age, and metabolism rate. If you’re just starting out or if you’re a beginner, that will make it a little bit easier for you.

Orangetheory Before and After Results

1. Jaci Baccus

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Jaci lost 30 pounds in 6 months.

2. Connie Cantu

image 189
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3. Charisse Bee

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She lost 25 pounds.

4. Chana Nats

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5. Sarah Mason

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She lost 152 pounds in 8 years.

6. Murphy Moroney

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She lost 10 pounds in a month.

Orangetheory For Beginners: Our Tips

1. Book Your Classes

Book your classes. It’s going to hold you accountable. You can even do it for a whole month straight. Just sit down and make a month plan on what classes you can get to.

2. Get Yourself a Good Water Bottle

You want to be drinking a lot of water, preferably half of your body weight in ounces every single day. This will help drastically. Get yourself a water bottle if you don’t have one yet.

3. Talk to Your Friends and Family About Your Goals

Letting somebody else know what you’re trying to accomplish helps hold you accountable. It also empowers you to go out there and give it your best effort. In addition, it gets other people on board. Maybe your family is going to start eating healthier with you or working out more with you. So, talk to some people that are close to you about your goals.

4. Track Your Nutrition and Your Water Intake

Tracking your nutrition is important not only to see how many calories you put in for the day but to not be mindlessly eating. This is going to make you think about what you’re eating. By the way, fitness apps are really helpful tools to track your nutrition.

People training at an Orangetheory gym to show before and after results
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5. Don’t Let Your Weekends Ruin Your Progress

You can go to the Cheesecake Factory and blow your whole week out of the water. If you want to reach your fitness goal, you’ve got to tame your weekends a little bit. But you’re going to have some ups and downs. It’s not about perfection. It’s about progression.

6. Be a Part of the Orangetheory Community

Find other Orangetheory people or even someone that maybe isn’t even in your community. Follow them on social media. Find groups on social media so that you’re able to connect and talk about Orange Theory before and after transformations with others. 

7. Don’t Be Scared

The next tip is to not be intimidated by the treadmill. Trust yourself. You will be amazed at your progress on the treadmill more than you will anywhere else in the gym.

8. Don’t Get Stuck in the Comparison Game

Do not pay attention to the people on the treadmills or rowers beside you. Pay attention to your own numbers. Do not get stuck in that comparison game. It doesn’t matter. This is about becoming the best version of yourself which means you only need to focus on you.

9. Find an Inspiring Coach

The next tip is to find a class instructor that you connect with and that you really like and keep going to their classes. If you have started going to Orangetheory and you just don’t feel a good connection with your coach, try again with a different coach. 

Some people need certain things. If you need someone that is energizing and gets you pumped, then go to that coach. If you need someone that’s more chill and positive, go to that class instructor. There is a personality for everyone. And once you feel that connection, you will keep coming back.

10. Be Involved

The next tip is to do all the OTF things. There are a couple of different things that each gym offers every year. There will be the transformation challenge, different runs, and community events. 

You don’t have to do everything. But being a part of the community and showing up to various events will help add a level of accountability because people will start to really know you. They’ll expect to see you at certain things and they’ll ask you why you weren’t there.

Friends working out together at an Orangetheory gym
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11. Make Friends

Get your face out there and make friends with all of the personal trainers at your studio. They’re all real. And one of the reasons they got their job is because they’re people. So, make sure that you are making connections with them.

Talk to the sales associates in your studio. Ask them about their day. They want to get to know you. Having those small little bits of conversation and familiar faces will only help with that accountability level. Also, it makes you excited and joyful when you go in and see a familiar face.

12. Get Comfortable

Share your progress with your personal trainers. They want to know that the time and energy that you’re putting in and they’re putting in as well is paying off for you.

Give yourself grace. Don’t try to beat anyone else in that room except for yourself. Try to be better than you were the day before. Take time off if you’re sore. Then be sure to go back and continue to trust the process. 

By going to Orangetheory and by starting your exercise routine, your mind changes. Instead of exercising as a punishment for something you ate, you want to exercise and go to the gym to see what your body can do now and how much better it will be today.

Will you hit a new PR? Will you pull more watts on the rower? Will you lift heavier weights? Will you up your base pace? All of these measurable things let you know how much you are getting better. Orangetheory is a great way to measure your success.

OrangeTheory Before and After FAQs

How many calories do you burn after Orangetheory?

A 60-minute Orangetheory workout can burn 500-800 calories. This is impressive because this burning process will last up to 36 hours after your class is completed.

Is Orangetheory just a gym?

One of the things you are going to love about Orangetheory Fitness – it consists of endurance strength and power in a 1-hour workout. You will be using treadmills, rowers, and equipment in the weight room. Coming as little as 3 or 4 times per week, you will see visual results while burning fat and building lean muscle. Whether you’re a young athlete of 14 years or older or a grandmother that wants to stay in shape, Orangetheory Fitness is for you.


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