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Data Reveals the 10 CrossFit Movements Athletes Hate the Most: Is YOURS on the List?

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Julien Raby

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Let’s be honest, CrossFit is a beautiful kind of torture. But even the most hardcore WOD warriors have a nemesis movement or two – the ones that make you want to hurl both your barbell and your pre-workout.

We dug deep into the online confessions of CrossFitters (on Reddit and Facebook) to reveal the top 10 exercises that fill them with a mix of dread and determination.

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The Hall of Shame (er, Challenge)

1. Overhead Squats:

These are like an awkward cousin at a family reunion – you know you SHOULD get along, but it’s just so uncomfortable. Flexibility? What’s that?

2. Thrusters

The squat-to-press combo that makes your legs scream and your lungs beg for mercy. It’s like someone decided a burpee wasn’t painful enough.

3. Burpees

The undisputed king of CrossFit misery. They’re the fitness equivalent of that recurring nightmare where you show up for a final exam pantsless.

4. Toes to Bar

If ripped hands were a badge of honor, we’d all be decorated generals. Also, is there a core muscle somewhere in there? We haven’t found it yet.

5. Running

Sure, we can run…IF there’s a bear chasing us, or the ice cream truck is getting away. Long, slow runs just feel like punishment for bad life choices.

6. Handstand Push-Ups

Because who doesn’t want to combine the risk of concussion with the joy of shoulder failure?

7. Box Jumps

The shin’s worst enemy. The taller you are, the easier these are, which is just another reason life isn’t fair.

8. Pistols

Single-leg squats are humbling. Turns out, one side of our body actually IS weaker, and our knees would like a word.

9. Snatch

It’s like the barbell is actively trolling you. One minute you think you’ve got it, the next you’re wondering where your dignity went.

10. Wall Balls

The simple, yet brutal, exercise that leaves you gasping for air and wondering why the target gets higher with every rep.

Why the Love/Hate Relationship?

  • Technical Difficulty: Movements like snatches, and overhead squats require significant focus on form, which can be frustrating for beginners and experienced athletes alike.
  • Cardiovascular and Muscle Fatigue: Burpees, thrusters, and wall balls are notorious for quickly tiring athletes.
  • Injuries: Poor form and overtraining can increase injury risk with exercises like pistols, snatches, and handstand push-ups.
  • Mental Challenge: The sheer effort and pain involved with some movements make them psychologically difficult.

The Twisted Truth

Here’s the thing: those exercises we love to hate? They’re the ones making us stronger, faster, and more resilient. So next time you’re staring down those dreaded wall balls, remember, pain is temporary, CrossFit badassery is forever.

Think we missed one? Share your most-hated exercise with us!

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