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The Unwritten Rules of CrossFit

By BoxLife Team

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March 28, 2017

1. Be honest. No rep your no reps. Though the score’s on the board, you’re really only competing against yourself.

2. Give your best every day, and know that your best will change from day to day.

3. Don’t be an ass.

4. Motivate your fellow athlete. Everyone needs help sometimes.

5. Be social. Introduce yourself to the newbie. Make a new friend.

6. Check your ego at the door (and scale when necessary). The WOD is usually harder than it looks. 

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7. Work on your weaknesses; skills need your undivided attention.

8. Be patient with your progress, some things take time.

9. Have fun!

10. Put your equipment away (where you found it). No, the 25lb kettlebell doesn’t go with the 75lb kettlebells.

11. Eat right, whatever that means to you. Spend the money and the time getting it right.

12. Don’t avoid WODs because you don’t like them. Most of the time, that’s exactly what you need.

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One Response to The Unwritten Rules of CrossFit

  1. Tracey Hines says:

    I needed that post. 🙂 I was really embarrassed last night. Only having a bar (no weights) being last to finish everything and not being able to run the entire portion… But I finished. And… I’ll remember the others motivating me and saying a kind, simple, “Nice job” when I was trying to hold back tears.

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