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The 5 Best EZ Curl Bars for Strength Training

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Julien Raby

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If you’ve ever wanted a piece of strength training equipment to help you achieve your goals of increasing muscle strength and size, then an EZ Curl Bar could be just the piece you’ve been missing in your fitness puzzle.

There’s no denying the effects that a quality piece of equipment can have on your overall progress, with the right tool giving you more control over your training and giving you an edge in achieving your goals. But how do you know which model is the best EZ curl bar for your specific needs?

A muscular man using the best ez curl bar
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In A Hurry? Here’s Our Best Picks

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Titan Fitness Rubber Fixed Barbell EZ Curl 50 LB
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Synergee Commercial Super EZ Curl Olympic Bar Chrome, Black Phosphate and...
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Cap Barbell 47-Inch Standard Solid E-Z Curl Bar
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Body-Solid (RB47) Olympic Alloy Steel Curl Barbell For Weightlifting Plates...
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Product's nameBest Overall
Rogue Rackable Curl Bar
Best Fixed Curl Bar
Titan Fitness Rubber Fixed Barbell EZ Curl 50 LB
Best Super Curl Bar
Synergee Commercial Super EZ Curl Olympic Bar Chrome, Black...
Budget Option
Cap Barbell 47-Inch Standard Solid E-Z Curl Bar
Best for Standard Plates
Body-Solid (RB47) Olympic Alloy Steel Curl Barbell For...
Final ThoughtThere's really no better option than the Rogue Curl Bar if you're serious about building strength and muscle.Having a singular size and fixed weight capacity makes the Titan EZ Curl Bar ideal for beginner lifters and those who want a more hassle-free setup.If you need a more targeted workout for your triceps and biceps, Synergee Super Curl EZ Bar is the perfect choice.When you want to do curl bar exercises on a budget, it might seem like your options are limited and not exactly the most reliable.Those who aren't fans of Olympic or heavy weights should consider the Body-Solid Standard Curl Bar.
Sleeve Length54.5''38.25'' - 45.5''47.2''47''47''
Curl Bar Weight30 lbs20 - 110 lbs20 lbs15.5 lbs11 lbs
Shaft FinishE-Coat or CerakoteChromeChrome, Black Phosphate, or CerakoteBlack Powder CoatChrome Coating
Central Knurling Placement1.2 mm Diamond Knurl1.2 mm Diamond Knurl1.2 mm Diamond Knurl1.2 mm Diamond Knurl1.2 mm Diamond Knurl
Warranty5 years1 year3 years30 days2 years
Learn moreSee at RogueSee at AmazonSee at AmazonSee at AmazonSee at Amazon

Why You Should Trust Us

If there’s one thing the BoxLife team knows, it’s the ins and outs of fitness equipment. With a diverse and well-rounded team of experts, we’ve had plenty of run-ins with different types of barbells, weight benches, and other training tools over the years. We know what makes a good product, as well as how to spot a dud when we see one.

We’re aware of the trials and tribulations of sorting through the massive amount of fitness tools out there, with some models having greater potential than others. That’s why we’ve taken the time to carefully evaluate each option in terms of user experience, reliability, performance and, of course, safety features.

Who Is This Guide For?

Anyone that wants to take their muscle development to the next level by improving their technique and adding weight to their workouts can benefit from having a quality EZ curl bar in their arsenal. Whether you’re an experienced lifter looking to increase the intensity of your training or a beginner just starting out, an EZ curl bar strikes a fantastic balance between stability and portability, with a wide range of motion for your curls.

Our Top Pick
CAP Barbell - The Beast
Based on our testing, this is the best budget barbell for beginners. For less than 150$, you get a good, durable barbel made of Japanese stell with black matte finish. Frankly, it offers great value for money. It's also backed with an 1 year warranty.

How We Picked the Best Products

While our own experiences and opinions play a critical role in our selection process, we also take into account user feedback from customers who have already purchased and used the products we feature. We turn to the opinions of gym users and fitness junkies across the internet’s most renowned think tanks in the forms of Reddit and Quora, for unfiltered and honest reviews of each product.

Additionally, we took a more general approach by looking at user rating systems and consumer reviews on major retailer sites like Amazon, Titan and Rogue Fitness, where a more encompassing range of customer opinions, both positive and negative, can be obtained. We found a rich vein of information to help us in our decision-making process and selected the items we felt best fit our criteria.

A man using the best ez curl bar at the gym
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How We Graded Each Product

Speaking of our criteria and grading system, we based our decisions on a variety of factors, which we deemed crucial to the optimal user experience. Some models had a greater emphasis on certain features, whereas others had a more balanced approach.

  • Solid Stainless Steel Finish – While all of the models we tested featured steel construction, some had a greater emphasis on quality compared to others. This mainly depends on the manufacturing process, as some brands use higher-grade materials and put them through more rigorous tests than others.
  • Ergonomic Design – Given the constant contact between the bar and your hands, having a comfortable grip that mimics natural arm movements is the key to maintaining peak performance throughout your workout. The way the bar itself feels in your hand is crucial and it’s often reflected in the weight distribution and handle size.
  • Tensile Strength – This refers to the bar’s overall resistance against being bent or broken under normal weight loads. A higher strength rating indicates better durability, which inherently leads to better performance over time. On the lower end of the spectrum, you could find yourself with a bar that’s prone to deformation and bending, leading to an overall decrease in performance over time.
  • Central Knurling Placement – The crosshatch pattern found on the surface of the bar is technically known as knurling. It’s meant to provide a better grip and increased control when exercising, but if it’s placed incorrectly, it can lead to an uncomfortable experience. We looked for bars with knurl placement in the optimal areas of the handle and shaft, as well as a good balance between grip strength and comfort.
  • Value for Money – The current price of a product can’t be underestimated, especially when considering that the cost of a barbell can vary significantly from one model to another. We took into account the quality and features of each option while also looking at price points and special features, such as warranties and customer service.

The Products

Once we established the preliminary rankings, we easily determined the five most appropriate candidates for the best EZ curl bar for home use. Even if you’ve had no experience with strength training, our guide can help you select the most suitable option for your needs.

Rogue Rackable Curl Bar – Best Overall

There’s rarely a name more synonymous with quality training equipment than Rogue Fitness, and it’s no surprise that their Rackable Curl Bar has made its way to the top of our list. This model is the epitome of quality craftsmanship, with a solid steel construction and an even weight distribution that makes it feel like a second skin in your hands.


  • Outstanding knurl patterns and placement for excellent grip and control
  • Solid steel construction for maximum durability
  • The central sleeve allows for additional weight plates to be added
  • Self-oiling bronze bushings for smooth operation


  • Bit pricier for its range
  • Only a black version is available

Key Specs

Curl Bar Weight30 lbs
Sleeve Length54.5”
Central Knurling Placement1.2 mm Diamond Knurl
Shaft FinishE-Coat or Cerakote

Why It’s Great

Taking the standard curl bar to new heights, Rogue has designed a model that stands out in terms of performance and reliability. The seamless steel construction offers superior tensile strength while its rigid design ensures stability under the heaviest of weights. The cambered finish on the shaft and the central sleeve is quite useful for muscle isolation exercises, and the self-oiling bushings provide a smooth range of motion during your workout sessions.

As for the knurl patterns, they’re a real stand-out and provide excellent grip and control in the process. The depth and spacing of the crosshatch are spot-on for a comfortable and safe workout experience, with a natural grip that helps in executing your curls with immaculate form. At 110000 PSI tensile strength, it brings an unparalleled level of durability and longevity to the table.

Both the Cerakote and e-coat finish options have an appealing and sleek look that’s entirely resistant to rust and corrosion, which means it requires minimal maintenance and upkeep. The reinforced ring collars and self-oiling bushings help increase the overall lifespan of the bar, which adds to its excellent value for money.

Who It’s Best For

There’s really no better option than the Rogue Curl Bar if you’re serious about building strength and muscle . From beginners to advanced lifters, its impressive features and quality construction make it one of the best products on the market. Its signature design brings more control and reliability to all your curl and tricep workouts, while also allowing you to add additional plates for enhanced resistance.

Titan EZ Curl Fixed Barbell – Best Fixed Curl Bar

If a rackable version isn’t exactly a priority for you, or if you simply need something more basic, then the Titan EZ Curl Fixed Barbell might be a better choice. This model combines affordability with quality, with stable construction and a fixed maximum weight capacity for each size. The more you spend, the heavier your bar becomes.


  • Simple and straightforward stainless steel bar for hassle-free use
  • Solid, semi-aggressive knurling with standard spacing for good grip
  • Fixed weight capacity that grows in 10-pound increments
  • Rubber-coated ends to reduce noise and damage when dropped


  • Requires buying separate bars for additional weight plates
  • Needs additional space for storing multiple-sized curl bar models

Key Specs

Curl Bar Weight20 – 110 lbs
Sleeve Length38.25” – 45.5”
Central Knurling Placement1.2 mm Diamond Knurl
Shaft FinishChrome

Why It’s Great

Instead of loading additional bumper plates onto the bar, this Titan model allows you to buy multiple sizes with a higher weight capacity and a longer, curved shaft. Each version has a fixed capacity that grows in 10-pound increments, starting at 20 pounds and going up to 110 pounds. The stainless steel construction is solid and reliable, with a polished chrome finish that won’t easily corrode over time.

One particularly interesting detail is the 32mm shaft diameter, which is noticeably thicker than most options in its class. This makes it stand out from the competition and adds a unique level of stability when exercising, despite being a bit more robust and heavier for the average lifter. Even so, the lighter weights don’t feel too cumbersome, and the curved shape provides excellent comfort when gripping.

Moreover, the medium knurling pattern has a deep crosshatch that ensures a solid grip throughout the exercise, which is quite useful for maintaining proper form. The rubber-coated ends further reduce noise and damage in case the bar is dropped, which adds to its overall value. Not to mention the general user-friendliness that comes from having a fixed weight capacity and no need for additional bumper plates.

Who It’s Best For

Having a singular size and fixed weight capacity makes the Titan EZ Curl Bar ideal for beginner lifters and those who want a more hassle-free setup. The simplified construction and rugged design make it suitable for basic curls, tricep exercises, and other light compound movements that don’t require large amounts of weight.

Synergee Super Curl EZ Bar – Best Super Curl Bar

When it comes to targeting the outer biceps and inner triceps, the Synergee Super Curl EZ Bar provides the ultimate training experience, both in terms of performance and convenience. This super curl bar has a bent design that allows for a greater range of motion in these muscular groups, with improved grip and reduced wrist strain.


  • Aggressive knurling and arch bends for a stronger grip
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures durability and longevity
  • Rotating sleeves reduce elbow and shoulder joint stress
  • Compact design with end caps for easy storage


  • There’s no rackable model
  • Lack of a central knurling placement

Key Specs

Curl Bar Weight20 lbs
Sleeve Length47.2”
Central Knurling Placement1.2 mm Diamond Knurl
Shaft FinishChrome, Black Phosphate, or Cerakote

Why It’s Great

There’s a unique steep arch that allows you to work the inner tricep and outer biceps muscle simultaneously, providing excellent strength isolation. It looks and feels great, too – with the knurling offering superior grip and a polished finish for an attractive appearance. There’s a more pronounced arch compared to a traditional barbell, allowing users to work their triceps more thoroughly and efficiently.

What’s more, the rotating sleeves reduce joint stress on your elbows and shoulders – a huge plus if you have any joint issues or have recently had an injury. When you take on a more supinated grip, you can really squeeze those bicep muscles hard and focus on specific areas with great accuracy. There’s a greater emphasis on form and less chance of injury.

Overall, the central area fits snugly around your head and neck for greater stability, as well as a great range of motion. The ends have heavy-duty stainless steel end caps which protect the bar and the floor when not in use. As such, you won’t have to worry about the bar rolling around when not in use or wearing out the flooring.

Who It’s Best For

If you need a more targeted workout for your triceps and biceps, Synergee Super Curl EZ Bar is the perfect choice. With its bent construction and reduced joint strain, it brings a whole new level of accuracy and control, allowing you to really isolate those muscles with precision. Whether you’re an experienced lifter or a beginner just starting out, this bar is a great addition to any home gym.

CAP EZ Curl Bar – Budget Option

As far as a budget curl bar is concerned, the CAP Barbell EZ Curl Bar challenges the competition with its affordable price tag and reliable construction. This model takes all the necessary features, such as a solid steel shaft and medium-deep knurling, and puts them together in a compact package with a budget-conscious price tag. It doesn’t skimp on quality either, delivering an efficient curl bar at a fraction of the cost.


  • Budget curl bar that meets all the basic requirements
  • Knurling is slightly aggressive but not too harsh on the hands
  • Compact design without compromising weight capacity
  • Rotating loadable sleeves with plenty of room for thicker plates


  • 25mm shaft diameter may be too thin for some users
  • May come in damaged packaging which could affect the finish

Key Specs

Curl Bar Weight15.5 lbs
Sleeve Length47”
Central Knurling Placement1.2 mm Diamond Knurl
Shaft FinishBlack Powder Coat

Why It’s Great

If you’re trying to avoid a massive dent in your wallet for a curl bar, the CAP Barbell EZ Curl Bar is one of the finest options on the market. This model features a stainless steel shaft with a 25mm diameter, which may be slightly limiting for users with larger hands. Despite that, the knurling is precise and aggressive enough to provide a secure grip with minimal friction.

It has T-screw collars to keep the plates from sliding off and rotating sleeves that allow for more freedom when stacking plates. The general feel and operation are quite smooth, with no rattling or vibrations when lifting. And the medium knurling allows for a natural position of the wrists, providing a more pleasant experience overall. Despite not being the most robust model, it holds up quite well to regular use and can take a fair amount of stress.

Additionally, the black powder coat shaft finish brings an extra layer of corrosion resistance, while the compact design allows for a more comfortable fit when doing curls or triceps exercises. Even if it’s not as resistant as the higher-tier alternatives, it still provides an efficient curl bar experience that won’t break the bank.

Who It’s Best For

When you want to do curl bar exercises on a budget, it might seem like your options are limited and not exactly the most reliable. The CAP Barbell EZ Curl Bar puts that notion to rest with its affordable price tag and surprisingly resilient construction. As a budget option, it’s suitable for both beginners and gym regulars, who are looking to do basic curls and triceps exercises without spending a fortune.

Body-Solid Standard Curl Bar – Best for Standard Plates

If there was ever an excellent option for standard plates and a straight barbell exercise, it would have to be the Body-Solid Standard Curl Bar. This bar features an ergonomic design for a better grip and improved form, as well as knurling along its length to reduce the risk of slipping. Despite not being compatible with Olympic plates, it still provides great resistance and range of motion.

Our Top Pick
CAP Barbell - The Beast
Based on our testing, this is the best budget barbell for beginners. For less than 150$, you get a good, durable barbel made of Japanese stell with black matte finish. Frankly, it offers great value for money. It's also backed with an 1 year warranty.


  • Standard knurling and a neutral grip for greater comfort
  • Secure welded collars with rubber inserts
  • Compact design for easy storage and better handling
  • Smooth sleeves with a solid spin lock mechanism


  • Smaller weight capacity than Olympic weight plates
  • May come in damaged packaging

Key Specs

Curl Bar Weight11 lbs
Sleeve Length47”
Central Knurling Placement1.2 mm Diamond Knurl
Shaft FinishChrome Coating

Why It’s Great

The solid steel base of the Body-Solid Standard Curl Bar offers great weight capacity and stability during workouts. Even if it’s not compatible with Olympic plates, it can still handle a decent weight of standard plates. With the neutral grip, you can really feel the difference in terms of control and form – enabling a more effective workout.

Moreover, the bend profile is a bit steeper than a traditional barbell curl – with a more pronounced angle in the middle for deeper concentration on the biceps. The knurling is standard, with better grip and reduced slipping. You also get a secure welded collar with rubber inserts to keep the plates in place.

The loadable sleeves themselves are designed for smooth transitions, with a solid spin lock mechanism that has quite a fast action and mode of use. The bar itself is quite compact, allowing for easy storage when not in use and better handling with smaller hands. It doesn’t feel particularly heavy either – with a solid weight balance that makes it easier to lift.

Who It’s Best for

Those who aren’t fans of Olympic or heavy weights should consider the Body-Solid Standard Curl Bar. It’s particularly suitable for those who want to focus on their triceps and biceps with a natural grip and a more intense angle. The bar itself is comfortable and easy to use – with a smooth spin lock mechanism for fast transitions, as well as a secure welded collar that has a tight grip on the weights.

A CrossFitter exercising with the best ez curl bar
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The Buying Guide

In a perfect world, you’d be able to go for the first option that grabbed your attention and get straight to business without any major issues. But even if specific models have more to offer than others, the numerous models that are currently available are certainly in a tight race. As such, it helps to know which aspects to focus on and what to look out for.

Bar Types

The curled nature of the bar is what gives it its name, but that’s not all there is to it. Depending on the specific sizes, weights and additional features, you’ll notice subtle nuances in their operation and performance.

For starters, Olympic curl bar models are perhaps the most common type out there and usually feature either a rackable or non-rackable design. Rackable models feature rotating sleeves that allow you to stack plates of varying sizes, while non-rackables are smaller and more lightweight options. They often have more pronounced angles and bend profiles with narrow and wide hand placements.

As for standard versions, their sleeves are equipped with a spin-lock mechanism that keeps the plates in place and uses a fixed-angle bend profile. You can also find spring clamp models, although these have been mostly phased out due to their lack of versatility and stability. Either way, the standard versions have a more affordable asking price, which inherently attracts more customers.

Next up, we have super curl models which are basically a variation of the Olympic weights but with a much steeper angle between the hand placements. They offer more support during exercises and often come in either a regular or specialized design for triceps work.

Lastly, fixed versions are really similar to classic curl bars but they’re fixed at a certain weight capacity and don’t have any extra features. They have separate bars with gradually increasing weight increments which are usually attached with screws instead of a spin-lock mechanism. This non-customizable nature takes away some of the flexibility of loadable sleeve arrangements, but they’re easier to navigate.

Attachment Types

It doesn’t matter if you’re working with a personal trainer or doing things on your own, the way that you attach the weights to the bar is an important factor. Most models typically use a spin-lock arrangement, which fastens the plates to the bar with a spring-loaded pin. This type of system is easier to set up and gives you more control over how much weight you’re using for a specific exercise.

Meanwhile, spring clamp models have a less-than-ideal reputation due to their lack of versatility and stability. The main advantage they offer is the ability to quickly add or remove weights without any hassle, but that’s about it. Unless you have a specific need for them, it’s best to stick to the spin-lock types.

A muscular man exercising with the best ez curl bar at the gym
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Weight Capacity

The injury risk potential increases with heavier curl bars, which are inherently more difficult to control. As such, it’s important to consider how much weight your bar can handle and pick one that offers enough room for growth. The Olympic version tends to handle the highest weight capacities, followed by standard and specialized designs.

The range of weights available will also vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. If you plan to go for heavier loads, make sure that your curl bar is rated for them. You should also keep an eye on the total weight of your plates as a whole since some models have limits for that too. The more you put into your training, the more investment you’ll need to make in order to ensure proper safety.

For instance, if you have a previous shoulder injury or plan to use heavier weights, then it’s best to go for a more heavy-duty option that can handle the load. On the other hand, if you’re just starting out and don’t plan to go past a certain limit, then a lack of weight rotation won’t be a deal breaker.

Knurling Patterns

Having a comfortable position for your hands is a crucial factor in determining the effectiveness of each exercise. As such, many curl bars come equipped with knurling patterns that provide better grip and support when performing reverse curls, triceps extensions and other exercises.

The knurls can be divided into three categories: shallow, medium and deep. Shallow patterns are perfect for those who would rather avoid any extra discomfort. Medium patterns offer a bit more grip and are great for when you want to increase the intensity of your training and boost muscle fiber regeneration and growth. Lastly, deep patterns offer maximum grip and tactile feedback, which precede in heavy lifting.

Shaft Diameter

You might think missing an inch in diameter isn’t a big deal, but it can actually make quite a difference when it comes to how effective a curl bar is. The dimensions directly influence how much control and leverage you have over the weight, as well as how comfortable it feels in your hands.

This is why it’s critical to know your body type and weight before picking a certain model. Generally speaking, a larger shaft diameter is better suited for heavier weight lifters, while a smaller diameter provides more control and stability for lightweight users.

A man setting up his workout with the best ez curl bar
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Shaft Finish

While the stainless steel base is predominant in these pieces of equipment, the topmost layer can vary depending on the model. For instance, some curl bars feature a Cerakote finish, which is a corrosion-resistant and non-glare coating. Its texture provides a secure grip without any extra discomfort, while the non-glare properties reduce distractions when working out.

Others have a chrome finish, which has a certain level of chemical resistance and provides a smooth satin touch. Chrome also comes with anti-corrosion properties and is easier to clean than other finishes, but it does add a bit of extra weight to the bar.

Oxidation resistance and additional grip are often seen as secondary factors, but they’re just as important when it comes to the overall performance of a curl bar. The finish you choose should also depend on your individual needs and preferences, as some might prefer a certain texture over another.

Sleeve Rotation

The rotating nature of squat rack sleeves plays a key role in how comfortable it feels for your wrists and elbows. Without proper rotation, the bar can become harder to control and create unnecessary strain on certain joints.

To ensure maximum rotation, look for models that use sealed needle bearings or bushings in their construction. The former provides more control and is usually better suited for heavier lifters, while the latter is more common in basic models. The difference lies in the way they’re assembled, with needle bearings typically being held in place by two cylindrical steel rings, and bushings being replaceable components.

You can get a bar without bearings of course, but this can lead to more wear and tear over time. It won’t have the same level of control and smoothness, which can definitely impact the way you handle and control the weights.

Bar Length

Having 10-inch sleeves means that you can add more weight to your bar, with more enthusiastic lifters getting an edge over those who prefer to keep it light. The wider sleeve length also provides more stability and reduces the risk of injury, which is always a plus.

At the same time, shorter sleeves can make it easier to control your weight plates and reduce the risk of rogue movements. As such, they are better suited for beginners or those who don’t plan to go beyond a certain weight point.

Bar Shape

Even if the curled bars look almost the same, their shape can actually make a difference in terms of comfort and strain. Some have slighter angles between the hand placements, while others have more of a “U” shape. The former is better suited for those who prefer a more natural movement pattern, while the latter is designed to provide more support during exercises.

You need to decide if you prioritize having plenty of sleeve room, or if you want a bar that is easier to handle. A more natural shape will usually provide better control and help reduce injury risk as a primary factor, whereas more specialized models often have a greater variety from a sleeve rotation standpoint.

A man doing exercises using the best ez curl bar
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Impact Strength

This refers to the bar’s ability to absorb shock and prevent it from being transferred to your body. The more impact strength a particular model has, the lower the chance that you’ll experience any kind of fatigue or soreness after training. The more solid the steel core, the better.

The exact nature of the impact strength depends on a number of factors, such as the material composition and overall construction. The former usually involves a combination of stainless and chromoly steel, while the latter should have good welds throughout. Even if you don’t plan to push your curl bar to the limit, you should have a model that can handle some extra weight if needed.

Extra Space

If you have limited space in your home gym, then you should consider a curl bar with multiple attachments. This type of design allows you to do exercises such as triceps extensions and upright rows without having to switch between pieces of equipment. Some models even feature an extra handle for putting more emphasis on either arm, emphasizing symmetry and balance.

You should also keep an eye out for models that come with a storage solution, such as an included rack or bag. This makes it easier to organize your weights and keep them within reach, so you don’t have to waste time looking for them when going through your routine.

With that said, fixed models may not be ideal in this kind of scenario, given the multitude of different bars you actually need. A better option would be one of the best rackable curl bars, as they provide both versatility and storage in a single package.

Solid Warranty

Even if you’re extra careful when setting up the weights, there’s still a chance that something may go wrong. It doesn’t matter if it’s a manufacturing issue or an accident – you don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you have to pay extra money for repairs or replacement.

A solid warranty should always be included in your purchase and it should cover any and all construction defects. It should clearly state the terms of its coverage as well as the process for getting a refund or repair. The longer and more comprehensive the warranty is, the better.

With that in mind, a five-year warranty isn’t uncommon among manufacturers, which isn’t exactly an ideal solution but could be unavoidable in some cases. In a more ideal scenario, you’d have a lifetime warranty on all parts – from the shaft to the knurling.

Pricing Category

While getting a cheaper version of a curl bar may be tempting, you should take into account the weight limit and impact strength when making your decision. Those models will naturally have some compromises in terms of design and overall quality, to accommodate a lower price tag.

Mind you, getting a budget option doesn’t necessarily equal a bad purchase, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t plan to go past a certain limit. However, more expensive models usually offer better customization and overall reliability – so you don’t have to worry about replacing them in a few years.

In any case, if you check price tags before making a decision, you should be able to find a model that fits your budget without sacrificing quality. Think about how much you’re willing to spend and compare it to what’s currently on the market – you might come across a pleasant surprise once you dip your toes into the shopping waters.

A woman warming up using the best ez curl bar
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What is an EZ curl bar for?

The versatility of this piece of equipment is an undeniable pull for many weightlifters. An EZ curl bar is a type of weightlifting bar with angled grips that allow you to perform exercises such as preacher curls, triceps extensions, barbell lifts, and more. It’s a fantastic tool for isolating specific muscle groups and building strength in your arms and shoulders.

Is an EZ bar better than a straight bar?

If you find an EZ bar with the optimal size range for your body type and weight, then it could be better than a regular barbell. Its angled grips help you keep your wrists in neutral positions, reducing the strain on your arms and shoulders. It has a more natural feel when lifting, and it’s easier to control the movement of the weights thanks to the narrow grip angle arrangement.

Why is it called an EZ bar?

If you’ve done your homework on curl bar review sites, you may have noticed that it’s often referred to as an EZ curl bar. The camber angles of this tool were invented by Lewis G., who thought it was an easier way to perform curls and other exercises with a barbell. The name EZ stands for “easy,” as it was created to make lifting more pleasant and enjoyable.


Julien Raby is the owner of BoxLife. He owns a bachelor in literature and a certificate in marketing from Concordia. He's Crossfit Level 1 certified and has been involved in Crossfit since 2010. In 2023 he finally made it to Crossfit Open Quarterfinals for the first time. LinkedIn Instagram Facebook

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