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A Failed Rep Nearly Ended Ricky Garard’s CrossFit Games Season

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Julien Raby

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Ricky Garard’s CrossFit season were hanging by a thread. One minute he was crushing a bench press, the next – BAM! A shooting pain ripped through his chest.

This was no ordinary muscle cramp; the dude thought he’d shredded something major. Talk about a season-wrecker!

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Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as it felt (phew!), but that scare was a wake-up call. Suddenly, the name of the game wasn’t just about gains – it was all about that dreaded “R” word: recovery.

Training 2.0: The Comeback Edition

Forget muscle-ups and benching – Garard was on “Team No-Aggravate”. It was all about low-impact moves and gentle strengthening, enough to keep moving without making things worse.

Mentally, this was tough. Our guy thrives on pushing himself, and now he had to learn a whole new skill: patience. It was a whole mindset shift, a time to ditch the “no pain, no gain” mantra and focus on getting right instead of just getting swole.

Grind Mode, with a Twist

But Garard wouldn’t be Garard if he just sat around feeling sorry for himself. This was an opportunity to get stronger in a whole new way. His rehab was a full-on battle plan, making sure every exercise targeted full-body health, not just his injured pec.

Workout Therapy, Inside and Out

Garard’s team didn’t just rebuild his body, though. This guy got real smart about his mental game too. He meditated, set little recovery milestones, and even found that just hanging with his CrossFit buddies was like medicine for his spirit.

The Injury That Made Him Stronger

The whole experience became a major turning point. Future workouts weren’t just about going for the gold; they were about listening to his body and avoiding another injury scare.

Now, with the CrossFit Games around the corner, Garard’s injury detour is like fuel for the fire. That close call didn’t just give him a new appreciation for his body– it forged a whole new type of toughness. It’s go-time, and Ricky’s ready to crush it.

Watch the full video:

The Takeaway

Ricky Garard’s story is more than ripped muscles and comeback plans; it’s about those moments all athletes face. Sometimes, real strength comes from backing down, from taking care of your mind as much as your body.

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