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April 27, 2023

Waist Trainer Before And After: How To See The Best Results

Written by Jordyn Snyder

Many people are searching for that hourglass figure and falling short with exercise and diet alone. Some people are just genetically not as able to get curves as others and that’s okay! All that means is you have to work at it a little differently. One of the up-and-coming ways to do this is waist training and lucky for you we’re going to dive deep into waist trainer before and after results and how to maximize your waist training result.

How Does Waist Training Work?

Waist training is when you have a corset-like device around your waist that helps keep everything cinched. According to the myth, corsets were originally made popular by Catherine de Medici in France in the 1500s, though there’s proof that people have been using fabric to shrink their natural waist since 1,600 BCE. Back then it was a sign of your social status and mandatory in high society, though (thankfully) now it’s an aesthetic preference. By combining your waist training with a healthy diet and solid exercise program, many people have seen fantastic, waist slimming, results.

Waist training alone can not hurt your soft tissue or burn fat in problem areas, so let’s set the record now that it won’t cause you to lose weight directly, but you can train your bottom two ribs to pull in at your waistline and give you more of the desired hourglass figure. How waist training works is it pulls the natural waistline in at the base of the rib cage (like braces on your teeth) while a balanced diet and an exercise plan decrease the soft tissue that is at the top of the rib cage.

Now we know we said a waist trainer won’t burn away the fat, but you might find that you are able to eat more consciously while waist training because you are listening to your body more and notice when you’re full and can prevent over-eating. By doing this consistently for meals, after a couple of weeks, you’ll have not only trained your stomach but mind.

A slim woman measuring her waist

Tips To Maximize Your Waist Training Results

Besides just living a healthy lifestyle, here is a list of some of the best ways to maximize your waist training results that’s sure to help decrease body fat and lower that waist size:

Take Photos Of Your Progress

Okay, maybe this tip won’t actually help with changing your body shape, but it is a great way to keep track of your progress. It can be difficult to see how far you’ve come and at times it can feel like you’re not getting anywhere, so it’s especially good if you’re looking for long-term results when corset training. Plus, it’s just a neat idea to look back at where you started and compare it to yourself now! It’s also a great idea to write down your current body measurements for before and after documentation to really see on paper how much your waist has changed.

Wear Your Waist Trainer Regularly

You can wear your waist trainer whenever, especially if you have a latex waist trainer for at the gym or while you’re out walking. You can wear it to the grocery store, to pick the kids up from school, or wherever! Although, it’s not recommended for over eight hours a day and certainly not advised (as a beginner) to sleep in your waist trainer, at least not until you’ve gotten used to it. We recommend starting with two hours a day and then working your way up slowly until you’re comfortable sleeping in it or wearing it for eight hours.

Find A Diet That Works For You

Along with an exercise plan, you should be on a consistent diet and practicing healthy eating habits daily. The diet can be anything depending on your workout and body goals, but for the most part, you should be avoiding processed foods, things high in fake sugars, and anything greasy and full of fat.

Get The Right Size Waist Trainer

A waist trainer needs to be very, very tight. You should obviously be able to breathe and move around, though bending should be difficult. Typically you’ll want to start at a minimum of 4 inches smaller than your standard waist measurement to get that hourglass shape.

Stay Hydrated

Since the waist trainer increases thermal activity when you’re wearing it, it’ll cause you to use a lot of water. Remembering to drink plenty of water and occasionally some hydration drinks is a great way to prevent dehydration which can lead to fainting, feeling ill, and other health issues.

A woman with a slim waist after wearing a waist trainer

Work Out With Your Waist Trainer

You can wear a waist trainer and dream of an hourglass body all day, but the results will be so much slower than if you worked out with it. The best kind of workout is a sweaty workout if you’re wanting to lose belly fat and inches on the waist, but here’s a more specific list of what we recommend:

Abdominal Workouts

One of the best things you can do to shrink your natural waist and define your core muscles is to add some ab exercises to your workout. Crunches, leg raises, and planks are a fantastic addition, but if you want to get that nice hourglass waistline, you should add some oblique exercises too like side planks, bicycle crunches, hip dips, standing twists, or Russian twists.

Cardio Workouts

Cardio is certainly one of the most efficient ways to burn belly fat and make your waist trimmer. Cardio to add to your exercise routine should include things like biking, running, or working out on a cardio machine, and wearing a waist trainer while doing those things may double the effects.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts

Circuit sets of exercises like burpees, sprints, and jumping jacks are the best at cranking up your heart rate. They’re also the best of both worlds while simultaneously exercising your abdominal muscles while making you sweat and burn calories. Then pairing a good exercise-oriented waist trainer with those exercises will surely get you that slim waist you’re aiming for.

Strength Training

Unlike HIIT workouts and cardio, strength training is often not as sweaty of a workout. This means that while you are toning your body, you aren’t necessarily burning any body fat that you’re likely looking to get rid of. However, by adding strength training to your waist training journey, you should be able to fix that.

A woman measuring her waist after wearing a waist trainer

Waist Trainer Before and After Results: FAQ

How Soon Can I See The Waist Training Results?

Waist training is a safe way to shape your waist and accentuate an hourglass shape when done properly. You’ll notice real results like improved posture immediately, but the physical waist training results take a bit more time. Of course, there’s no way to know how quickly somebody will have noticeable physical results, however, there are people who see results wearing their corsets after just a handful of hours to a few days a week!

How Long Should I Wear My Waist Trainer?

As long as you are listening to your body and not experiencing any serious pain you can wear your waist trainer as much as you’d like, though we do recommend trying to stay under eight hours a day or at least taking an hour break each day.

If you’re worried that you don’t have time to wear a corset in your day-to-day life, sleeping in your corset is a good option for some users so they can waist train for long periods of time without getting in the way of daily life.

If you are going to sleep in it, we recommend that you first get used to your waist trainer and take short naps wearing it or lay down with it for shorter periods. We recommend tucking a pillow under your lower back to give it some support if you are going to sleep in your waist trainer since your lower back naturally has a curve to it and your corset can straighten it just a touch too much when you are lying down.

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