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Understanding Yohimbine Dosage for Fat Loss and If It’s Right for You

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Julien Raby

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Yohimbine is worth considering if you’re seeking a way to increase your body’s natural ability to burn fat cells. Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, Yohimbine has also been known to reduce body fat and aid in weight loss.

Although it hasn’t been studied extensively, there’s research to suggest it could be helpful if you’re trying to lose weight. But you’ll want to get the yohimbine dosage for fat loss right if you’re using it. Let’s take a closer look to see if Yohimbine is right for you!

A woman knowing the right yohimbine dosage for fat loss
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What Is Yohimbine?

Yohimbine is a natural supplement derived from the bark of an evergreen tree called yohimbe. The yohimbe tree grows in central and west Africa, and locals have long harvested the bark for various purposes.

Yohimbine is the result of harvesting the bark. It’s an isolated dietary supplement that people have been using for centuries to enhance sexual performance. More recently, it’s been examined as an effective fat-burning and weight-loss aid. Some people consider this a natural alternative to prescription drugs that perform the same tasks.

Traditionally, those seeking the benefits of yohimbine use the yohimbe bark extract to make tea. However, you can now find it in powder caplet form.

Are Yohimbine and Yohimbe the Same?

Not exactly, but they are often used interchangeably in colloquial terms. In reality, yohimbe refers to the bark of the African yohimbe tree, while yohimbine is the isolated supplement that humans create from the tree.

In simpler terms, the main difference between the two is that yohimbine comes from yohimbe bark. When all is said and done, they refer to two different phases of processed tree bark, but in essence, they are the same thing.

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chemical view of the yohimbine

Can Yohimbine Help with Fat Loss?

Recent case studies have shown yohimbine to be an effective tool in reducing body fat and changing overall body composition. While there’s more work to be done to fully understand the effects of yohimbine on the body, we’ll share today what we already know.

Works as an Alpha-2 Receptor Antagonist

Yohimbine acts as a fat blocker by preventing the release of alpha 2 adrenoreceptors, which are fat-creating hormones within the body. It also increases the levels of norepinephrine in your body, which helps break down fat cells. This causes more blood flow to the fatty tissue in your body; as a result, the body doesn’t retain as much fat.

Suppresses Appetite and Cravings

Yohimbine helps curb hunger and cravings for unhealthy fats and carbs. One study showed that those who took yohimbine saw a decrease in carbohydrate and fat consumption. But it didn’t affect their protein intake. Study participants ate more protein and fewer carbs and fats as a result.

Protein makes you feel fuller for longer periods and can stabilize blood sugar levels. It also promotes muscle health and growth, which is one way the body counteracts fat retention in the body.

Boosts Water Loss

Another benefit of using this supplement is that it can rid your body of excess water weight, giving you a leaner look and more definition in your muscles. Many people who begin the weight loss journey see a rapid decrease in water weight at the beginning, but it tapers off over time. Yohimbine supplements may help to keep the water weight off.

Bodybuilders have been known to use this supplement to help showcase their muscles with the added definition of shedding the extra water retention. It makes their muscles look stronger and eliminates the soft look they don’t want during competitions.

A man who lost weight thanks to yohimbine
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Decreases Daily Fatigue

Yohimbine supplements may increase your overall energy to help you power through your daily tasks. This added energy also adds to your endurance during cardio and strength training, giving you the added bonus of burning more calories and building muscle mass.

For many people, fat retention is the product of inactivity throughout the day. They stay sitting for as many tasks as possible, so their body doesn’t burn as many calories. In this way, a dose of yohimbine might indirectly help with fat loss by getting a person moving and burning calories.

Helps Increase Heart Rate When Working Out

The use of yohimbine may increase your heart rate, in turn boosting your metabolic rate. As a result, you’ll burn more calories during and for several hours after working out.

In fact, some research indicates that yohimbine can increase your heart rate even when you’re not working out. This means more fat-burning action occurs while you’re at rest, which is great if you sit a lot at work or in your daily life.

Because of this fat-burning benefit, those who have heart problems should avoid using yohimbine to target stubborn body fat. There may be adverse effects for those with heart risks. 

Prevents Excessive Muscle Loss

Some diets are highly effective at cutting fat, but they can also lead to muscle loss. The caloric deficits and types of foods you eat with many diets simply don’t support muscle growth.

However, studies indicate that yohimbine doesn’t directly affect muscle loss. It may even help to increase muscle growth. There are a couple of potential reasons for this.

First of all, it may promote energy and endurance during your workouts. Therefore, you can work harder and more efficiently in your lifts. Additionally, while yohimbine decreases cravings for simple carbs and unhealthy fats, it doesn’t appear to decrease cravings for protein. As a result, most people can maintain their protein intake and enjoy the benefits of that.

Yohimbine pills used for fat loss
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How to Get the Right Yohimbine Dosage for Fat Loss

Whenever you try a new supplement, getting the correct dosage is vital. Unfortunately, yohimbine supplementation is not an exact science, and your daily doses may vary.

As a general rule, we always recommend starting with a smaller dose and then slowly working your way up. For many first-timers, 5mg would be a good starting point. Pay attention to how designated amounts of yohimbine make you feel. You may notice you have a stronger tolerance to yohimbine than some and want to increase the amount as needed.

Getting the right doses of yohimbine can be tricky because supplements are not all made equally. Some caplets may contain more yohimbine than others, and the dosage of yohimbine you need varies based on weight and other factors.

Experts generally suggest that the mg of yohimbine you’ll take equates to approximately 20% of your total body weight in kilograms.

To determine the correct dosage for you, convert your weight from pounds to kilos by dividing the total weight in pounds by 2.2. Then, multiply your weight measured in kilograms by 0.2. This should give you a good dosage starting point.

As an example, let’s consider a person that weighs 150 lbs.

150 / 2.2 = 68.18

68.18 x 0.2 = 13.6mg

So, a 150lb person or 68.18kg person would take 13.6mg of yohimbine daily to achieve the benefits suggested.

Take Your Yohimbine Dosage at the Right Time

Timing can make all the difference when using yohimbine. For optimal fat-burning effects, the ideal time to take yohimbine would be first thing in the morning. Ideally, you’d take it on an empty stomach, wait 10-30 minutes for absorption, and then do a fasting cardio workout.

Yohimbine takes about 10-30 minutes to absorb into your body and reaches peak fat-burning status 1-2 hours after that. Food intake can disrupt the effectiveness of the process, so it’s important to take it on an empty stomach and fast if you can until after it’s peaked.

You can still enjoy the benefits of taking yohimbine at other times of the day, but the scenario we’ve described will yield the best effects.

Nausea is one of the yohimbine side effects
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Common Side Effects of Using Yohimbine for Fat Loss

As with any supplement, there’s always the potential to experience adverse side effects. Some potential side effects may include stomach problems, nausea, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, and high blood pressure. This is why it’s recommended to start at a lower dose and listen to the signs of your body as you work your way up in dosage.

While yohimbine is generally considered safe, pay attention to the more dangerous side effects a person might experience. For example, those with blood pressure or heart risks may want to avoid yohimbine or start with a very low dose to avoid negative cardiovascular effects.

Everyone should speak with their doctor before trying any supplement, including this one, to make sure it won’t have harmful effects.

Additional Benefits of Yohimbine

The benefits associated with this supplement derived from the bark of an evergreen tree found in Africa are pretty unique and worth considering for anyone looking to improve their health.

Better Blood Circulation

Yohimbine is a vasodilator, which causes the blood cells to expand and pass more easily through the body. It makes oxygen-rich blood cells more accessible to your entire body, resulting in better blood circulation. Blood circulation improves many aspects of the body, including mental health, immune support, organ function, gastrointestinal functions, and more.

More Energy

Improving your blood circulation means more energy. Your body naturally perks up as the newly rejuvenated oxygen-rich blood cells reach their destination. This means better workout performance and higher endurance for daily activities.

You might notice an improvement in your mood as a result of higher energy as well. You could feel more motivated and productive, which can improve serotonin production in the brain.

Better Sex

It’s believed that the first purpose of yohimbine was to improve sexual performance, likely because the circulatory effects of yohimbine improve blood flow to the genitals. The increased energy may also help with endurance, so you can enjoy longer-lasting intimacy with your partner.

It was originally used as an aphrodisiac, and yohimbine is often found in modern-day “love potions.”

A confident man with a better libido thanks to yohimbine
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Yohimbine FAQ

If this is the first you’re hearing about this supplement, you probably have a lot of questions. Let’s dive into a few of the most commonly asked questions about yohimbine.

Will Yohimbine Boost My Metabolism?

Modern research indicates that yohimbine may boost your metabolism, in turn helping to burn fat. The effects of yohimbine on your metabolism seem to be most effective if you’re fasting.

Taking yohimbine on an empty stomach first thing in the morning seems to help maximize absorption and get your metabolism going early on. As a result, it can begin burning fat early on before any carbs or fats enter your system. By the time you have your first meal, your metabolism will have already been working for a couple of hours.

Is It Okay to Take Yohimbine Every Day?

Most people can take yohimbine daily without significant adverse side effects. In fact, some people take yohimbine more than once every day to maximize the effect. If you choose to take it multiple times daily, keep track of how many mg you take with each use, and don’t exceed the recommended 20% of your body weight in kilograms we mentioned earlier.

Most importantly, start out small and pay attention to the signs of your body. If you feel that you’re not reacting well to taking yohimbine more than once daily, cut back to every other day.

How Long Does It Take to See Fat Loss Results from Yohimbine?

Most people experienced fat loss results within 2-3 weeks. As always this can vary from person to person. Best results will come when combined with a calorie deficit and increased physical activity.

Is Yohimbine Legal?

Yes, yohimbine is legal. It’s available for purchase as an over-the-counter supplement at most vitamin stores or online retailers. When ordering online, do your research on the manufacturer to ensure that it is third-party tested and safe for consumption.

Is It Safe to Use Yohimbine?

Many people can safely use yohimbine daily. Remember that yohimbine is a natural supplement intended to be used in place of pharmaceuticals. This naturally makes it a safer option for most people.

Keep in mind that there are potential side effects when taking any new supplement so be sure to listen to your body. If you have heart risks, high blood pressure, or other adverse health concerns, yohimbine may yield negative side effects. Always talk to your doctor about the safety of taking any supplement, including yohimbine.

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Is Yohimbine Good for Thyroid Imbalance?

There is little known about the effects of yohimbine on thyroid function. However, we do know that yohimbine increases blood flow to internal organs like the thyroid, which naturally improves their function.

Additionally, yohimbine is a natural energy-booster. Many who struggle with thyroid imbalances struggle with energy to perform normal tasks, so yohimbine may help to counteract those effects.

If you struggle with a thyroid imbalance, talk to your doctor about trying yohimbine. Record its effects on your body and report back to your doctor to help you decide if yohimbine might help you.

Should You Take Yohimbine for Fat Loss?

If you’re struggling with stubborn fat loss, yohimbine might be worth trying. Research on this supplement is still relatively new and evolving as we learn more about it. One study done on a group of soccer players showed their body fat composition decreased by 1.8% in a matter of weeks compared to those in the placebo group who showed no change.

It’s important to remember that no miracle drug will take the place of a caloric deficit and increased physical activity. However, combining supplements such as yohimbine with these two things has been shown to increase the end result with more fat loss and improved body composition.

If you try taking yohimbine for fat loss, let us know how it worked for you!

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