The Benefits of Box Squats

Everyone loves squatting. Out of the myriad of fitness movements that are reflected in everyday life, the squat is far and away the most commonly performed. Everyone has their favorite style, be it the front squat, overhead squat or back squat. You can even get a little fancy and experiment with kettlebell squats, dumbbell squats … Read more

Do Squats Work Calves? The Best Calf Exercises Explained

The squat is the ideal exercise. You engage your full body to perform it, build strength and muscle and burn calories. Besides developing the muscles on your lower body, it also strengthens your core tremendously. Squats are known for building and strengthening the glutes and quads, but what about the rest of the muscles in … Read more


How to Box Squat , Muscle Worked, Tips and Alternatives

Box squats are a great way to add more power and strength to your regular squat while also helping to improve your flexibility and mobility. In addition, box squats are a great accessory movement to add to your CrossFit training program. In this post, we’ll look at the box squat and how to achieve an … Read more

The Best Movements for Stronger Legs – Besides Squats

When you think about improving your leg strength, what’s the first exercise you think of?Squats, of course, and with good reason. Yet, there are several other movements that can help build strength and power in our legs. On any given day, the movements in this list can be added as accessory exercises or as the … Read more

Overcoming Fear At The Box

Fear is an ever-constant presence in our lives, playing a role in varying degrees in plenty of scenarios we go through each day. Fear can either be debilitating or it can be a tool we harness to help us work harder. With regard to CrossFit, there are several movements that make people feel uncomfortable—so much … Read more