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The Top 3 Best Deadlift Platforms You Must Try in 2023

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Julien Raby

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Having the opportunity to have your own training equipment at home is nothing short of remarkable. It not only allows you to save time and money, but it also provides you with a comfortable and supportive environment to fully focus on improving your physique and strength.

When it comes to lifting heavy weights, you can’t just use any kind of platform. You need a sturdy and reliable one that will keep you safe and provide you with ample support to complete lifts and not damage weights. But how do you know which deadlift platform to choose?

A man using a deadlift platform
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In A Hurry? Here’s Our Best Picks

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Titan Fitness Deadlift Platform Frame, 8FT x 4FT Bolt-Together Steel Frame,...
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Valor Fitness Olympic Weightlifting Deadlift Platform Steel and Bamboo -...
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Product's nameBest Overall
Rogue Deadlift Platform
Alternative Deadlift Platform Option
Titan Fitness Deadlift Platform Frame, 8FT x 4FT...
Best Budget-Friendly Option
Valor Fitness Olympic Weightlifting Deadlift Platform Steel...
Final ThoughtThe coated finish of the steel frame is sleek, eye-catching and corrosion-resistant, offering a seamless workout experience.The Titan Deadlift Platform comes with a bolt-together feature that allows for quick and easy setup in any gym or home.Serving as a quality deadlift platform at a budget-friendly price, this option is packed with features that make it perfect for any gym or workout area.
Footprint4' 4" x 8' 4"8' x 4'81.5" x 101"
Build Quality2x2" 11-gauge steel11-gauge steelRubber, bamboo, and steel
FinishBlack Powder CoatingBlack Powder CoatRubberized
Learn moreSee at RogueSee at AmazonSee at Amazon

Why You Should Trust BoxLife

The experienced and well-versed fitness and exercise experts at BoxLife Magazine have had a solid record of gym equipment testing as well as at-home workout gear reviews. We have our finger on the pulse of everything related to lifting and strength training, constantly researching and analyzing the latest developments in the market.

We’re dedicated to overall fitness and helping users find a suitable piece of exercise equipment that meets their needs, both in terms of performance and budget. Furthermore, we’ve also looked at safety and longevity, making sure that all of our recommendations are not only great for performing heavy lifts, but also trustworthy and resilient.

Who Is This Guide For?

In a nutshell – anyone who exercises using all kinds of weight training exercises such as deadlifts, squats and presses would benefit from this guide. The way you set up the environment in which you lift is critical in terms of the effectiveness of your workout, and it’s also necessary for practicality and stability.

A muscular man using the best deadlift platform
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How We Picked the Best Products

We made sure to delve deep into discussion groups and forum threads on Reddit and Quora, with unfiltered responses from users who have given the deadlift platform designs a go in the past. We also browsed through consumer reviews on Amazon, Titan, and Rogue Fitness in order to get a well-rounded idea of how the products actually worked for the majority of users.

How We Compared Each Product

To differentiate between the products, we pit them against each other on the same criteria. This equal playing field made sure we could get an objective overview of each product, with the following categories taken into consideration:

  • Long-Term Durability – When you’re lifting heavy weights, you need a long-lasting platform that won’t break down or bend under the pressure. The repeated slamming of the weights against the platform can make it lose its original shape, so focusing on durability was a main point on our checklist.
  • Materials and Design – Most platforms are made of heavy-duty rubber, steel or other robust materials that can withstand the force of heavy weights. The overall design has to be ergonomic and user-friendly as well, ensuring quick and safe setup of the weights.
  • Price Range – We understand that everyone has different budgets and requirements, so we made sure to include a variety of products that are both affordable and high-end.

The Products

When all the relevant data was neatly assembled, we were able to narrow down our contenders for the title of best deadlift platform.

Rogue Deadlift Platform – Best Overall

The sturdy steel frame of the Rogue Deadlift Platform definitely lives up to its hype as it comes with black powder coating on the surface with a raised edge to keep the weights from running off, while also protecting the floor. It doesn’t have to be bolted down, either, so it can be easily moved around the gym or taken outside whenever needed.


  • Several flooring options available
  • Thick rubber mats that are firm and durable
  • Easy assembly and setup
  • Non-slip surface for extra safety


  • Resistance band pegs aren’t the most reliable
  • Rubber tiles may leave seams on the platform

Key Specs

Footprint4′ 4″ x 8′ 4″
Construction Material2×2″ 11-gauge steel
FinishBlack Powder Coating

Why It’s Great

The coated finish of the steel frame is sleek, eye-catching and corrosion-resistant, offering a seamless workout experience. The platform features a flat surface, with laser-cut gussets at each corner that provide extra stability during intense lifting. They can be bent or adjusted for an improved grip on the floor, accommodating a wide range of flooring styles.

Titan Fitness Full Deadlift Platform – Alternative Deadlift Platform Option

Offering a fully comprehensive design that includes rubber protection with eight tiles with noise-sensitive technology, the Titan Fitness Deadlift Platform is surely a solid choice for dedicated fitness enthusiasts. The rigid steel frame does an excellent job of supporting the platform and keeps the tiles in place at all times.


  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Quality steel gauge frame for extra stability
  • Fantastic noise-canceling technology and shock absorption
  • Resistance band handles on both sides


  • Rubber mats could be thicker to minimize durability issues
  • Slightly expensive for the quality

Key Specs

Footprint8′ x 4′
Construction Material11-gauge steel
FinishBlack Powder Coat

Why It’s Great

The Titan Deadlift Platform comes with a bolt-together feature that allows for quick and easy setup in any gym or home. It has resistance band handles on both sides, which are essentially two rings that make integrating bands into your lifting routine much simpler. The way the tiles are fitted in place ensures that they stay secure and provide noise-dampening performance, so you don’t disrupt anyone around you.

Valor Fitness PTFM-1 Olympic Weightlifting and Deadlift Platform – Best Budget-Friendly Option

This reasonable price option from Valor Fitness offers superb value for money with its well-constructed steel frame and high-density rubber surface. It comes with a whopping 16 rubber floor mats that are kept together via a bamboo core, resulting in enhanced sound absorption and greater shock resistance.


  • The combination of wood and rubber is a great choice for flooring
  • Fantastic noise reduction
  • 16 rubber tiles across the platform
  • Conveniently folds away for easy storage


  • You need extra space to lay down the platform
  • The rubber surface can be slippery with sweat

Key Specs

Footprint81.5″ x 101″
Construction MaterialRubber, bamboo, and steel

Why It’s Great

Serving as a quality deadlift platform at a budget-friendly price, this option is packed with features that make it perfect for any gym or workout area. The bamboo core provides exceptional strength and stability, while the rubber plates on either side of the platform are great for reducing noise and providing a non-slip grip. Even though it occupies a larger space than other models, it can be folded up and put aside when you don’t need it.

The Buying Guide

Even with the wide variety of deadlift platforms currently available, they have distinct features that can help you decide which one to buy.

Intended Use

If you’re looking for a base-level deadlift platform with no frills, then a basic model should be enough for you. However, if you’re an experienced lifter that wants some intricate features such as band pegs and noise dampening, then you should look for more elaborate models with greater design capabilities.

Versatility Feature

The core of strength training is performing numerous exercises and movements in a single session. The model you choose should accommodate multiple exercises, from squats and deadlifts to presses and rows. Each platform should have enough room to perform multiple activities and position your feet wide enough, as well as a surface that can withstand the wear and tear of intense workouts.

Space-Friendly Design

It’s no secret that most of us have limited space in our home setups, with all the equipment crammed into a corner. A typical deadlift platform shouldn’t take up the entire gym space you have at your disposal. Make sure you consider the size and portability of the model before making your purchase. There’s no need to go for bulkier platforms if a more compact design can do the job.

An athlete about to deadlift on a deadlift platform
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What is the point of a deadlift platform?

Even the most basic deadlift platform designs offer a number of advantages, such as improved safety and noise reduction. Their durable rubber strips provide shock absorption and usually have handles for attaching resistance bands. They also provide a stable surface for performing exercises without worrying about damaging the floor or gym equipment in the process.

How thick should a deadlift platform be?

The combination of rubber mats, wooden frames, and steel plates means that the thickness of a deadlift platform can vary. As a general rule, a 4×8′ piece of equipment should be at least 2 to 3 inches thick, while a 6×8′ option should be closer to 3–4 inches. The thicker the platform, the better it will be for absorbing shock and noise.

What is the best surface to deadlift on?

While standard rubber gym flooring is ideal for most types of strength training, deadlifts in particular require a more robust surface. Having a reliable platform with a 2×2 Inch Thick 11-Gauge Steel core and appropriate stall mats is by far the best option, as it will provide the most support and reduce noise. Many of them have space-saving features and portability as well.

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