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2025 CrossFit Quarterfinals: A Blueprint for Change Inspired by the Mistakes of 2024

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Julien Raby

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The call to overhaul the CrossFit Quarterfinals has gained significant traction, particularly among influential voices in the community, such as the Youtubers from Coffee Pods And Wods. 

Their critique and subsequent solutions focus on resolving persistent issues that surfaced during the 2024 Quarterfinals. 

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From unclear movement standards to communication breakdowns, the 2024 competition exposed flaws within the system. 

This article dissects the problems and offers solutions to elevate the Quarterfinals for future competitors.  

Discover how a standardized movement playbook and streamlined communication could create a fairer and more efficient experience.

Why the Quarterfinals Need Fixing

The discussion around the need to revamp the CrossFit Quarterfinals stems from multiple reports and feedback from participants and spectators alike, which have highlighted several systemic issues. These problems became particularly evident during the 2024 Quarterfinals and were broadly categorized into two main areas: the introduction of new movements with poorly communicated standards and inadequate communication from the organizing body.

Introduction of New Movements with Unclear Standards:

The sudden introduction of new movements during the Quarterfinals has been a major point of contention. While unpredictability and the ability to handle unknown tasks are core to CrossFit’s philosophy, the lack of clear standards for these new movements has led to confusion and inconsistency in performance evaluation. This not only affects the athletes’ ability to train effectively but also impacts the fairness of the competition, as athletes are unsure of the criteria on which they will be judged.

Inadequate Communication:

Another significant issue has been the response time and the clarity of the communication from CrossFit’s administration. Athletes have reported delays in receiving responses to their queries about movement standards and scoring, which adds to the stress and uncertainty of competition conditions. This lack of efficient communication has sometimes resulted in disputes over scores and standings, which could potentially be avoided with better communication strategies.

Proposed Solutions to Enhance the Quarterfinals

Standardization of Movements:

To address the issue of unexpected movement standards, a proposal is on the table to establish a CrossFit playbook. This resource would outline a predefined list of movements eligible for inclusion in the Quarterfinals. Such a measure would not only ensure that all athletes are on a level playing field in terms of preparation but also adhere to the CrossFit ethos of preparedness for the unknown and unknowable by confining the element of surprise to the semi-finals and beyond.

Improving Communication:

A dedicated team should be established, tasked with the prompt and clear communication of standards and rulings. This team would be responsible for handling queries from athletes and ensuring that all competitors have a thorough understanding of the requirements before they step into the arena. Additionally, implementing mandatory pre-competition briefings could further enhance understanding and reduce the likelihood of disputes or confusion.

Strategic Implementation of Changes

Timeline for Implementation:

For these changes to be effective for the 2025 Quarterfinals, a timeline needs to be established. The playbook should be released at least six months in advance of the competition, allowing athletes ample time to prepare. The communication team should be assembled and begin training at least three months prior to the Quarterfinals, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle the influx of inquiries.

Feedback Loop:

Post-competition, a structured method of gathering feedback from participants should be instituted. This feedback will be invaluable in assessing the efficacy of the implemented changes and making necessary adjustments for future competitions.

Trial Runs:

Consider the possibility of testing these changes in smaller, local competitions. This could serve as a pilot program to refine the playbook and communication strategies under actual competitive conditions, providing insights that could be used to fine-tune processes before they are applied on a larger scale.

Case Studies and Expert Opinions

Insights from athletes like Adam Clink and media veterans like Scott Schwitzer suggest that these changes could significantly enhance the competitive experience. Their experiences underline the importance of predictability in preparation and the critical nature of clear, timely communication.


The proposed strategies for revamping the CrossFit Quarterfinals aim to address the significant issues identified in the 2024 competitions. By standardizing movement standards and enhancing communication protocols, CrossFit can ensure that the Quarterfinals not only test physical prowess but also fairness and accessibility.

Future Outlook

As the sport of CrossFit continues to evolve, it is imperative that the community remains engaged in discussions about the structure and standards of competition. The adaptability shown by athletes and administrators alike will be crucial in ensuring that CrossFit remains a dynamic and challenging sport for years to come.

This article presents a comprehensive approach to addressing the issues faced in the 2024 CrossFit Quarterfinals, offering a blueprint for making the competition more equitable and effectively managed.


Julien Raby is the owner of BoxLife. He owns a bachelor in literature and a certificate in marketing from Concordia. He's Crossfit Level 1 certified and has been involved in Crossfit since 2010. In 2023 he finally made it to Crossfit Open Quarterfinals for the first time. LinkedIn Instagram Facebook

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