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A Complete Larry Wheels Profile: Personal Records, History, And More

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Julien Raby

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Powerlifter, strongman, bodybuilder, arm wrestler, businessman, and social media star Larry Wheels is not only a fitness icon, but his story is one of empowerment and resilience. He’s an inspiration for people across the world and many of those in the fitness community, but there are many questions surrounding his life and achievements.

In this article, we’re going to go over all the highlights of his life and career that have brought him to where he is today, including some ground breaking record stats and his personal history with addiction.

Larry Wheels Athlete is showing off his muscles
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HeightWeightAgeDate of BirthNationality
6’1” (185.5cm)between 245 – 308lbs (111.1 – 139.7kg)28December 3, 1994American

How Tall Is Larry Wheels?

Larry stands at 6’1” (185.5cm).

How Old Is Larry Wheels?

Born December 3, 1994, meaning Larry Wheels is 28 years old.

How Much Does Larry Wheels Weigh?

His usual weight is between 245 – 308lbs (111.1 – 139.7kg).

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Where Does Larry Wheels Live?

He’s currently living in Los Angeles, CA to attend more bodybuilding competitions. 

Where Is Larry Wheels From?

Larry grew up in the Bronx, NY and for a while, he went back and forth from one temporary home to another before he moved to the Caribbean island of Saint Martin from New York City at the age of 12 only to move back three years later.

Larry Wheels’ Personal Life

No one’s life is ever easy, but Larry “Wheels” Williams has had a tough one. From bouncing from foster homes, growing up in poor neighborhoods, and being utterly lost–having to stay home because his mother (who regained custody of him at 12) wasn’t able to pay for the private school or the French school.

He was utterly lost, bored out of his mind when he found “working out” as not only a way to combat his boredom, but also curb the bullying he’d been experiencing. He also knew it’d be a great way to protect himself since he had to walk down dark alleys in the bad parts of town and he was a scrawny tall kid who was easy to push around.

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Unable to get a gym membership at such a young age, he used cinder blocks and a boom, push-ups and situps, and any workout he knew he could do on his own. When he wasn’t lifting whatever he could find, he was biking and running, doing just about anything to tire his body and mind before it was time to sleep.

By age 17 (and finally old enough to be there) he was one of the strongest people in the gym and since being the “biggest” was already achieved, he had to dive deeper and find a meaning behind it.

Social Media was the key

Soon he found competing and social media and it all exploded from there. 

He started hitting records like a 585-pound one-arm deadlift, a 225-pound one-arm bench press, and a 440-pound overhead strict press.

At a Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) powerlifting meet in 2017 he set the combined world record in the 242-pound weight class by totaling 2,171 pounds. Later, in November of 2018, Williams eclipsed the combined world record for the 275-pound weight class by lifting a total of 2,275 pounds—between the deadlift, back squat, and bench press. And so much more!

However, it wasn’t always easy finding his way to this point. Even after discovering his calling in the gym, Williams regularly worked through injuries two or three times a year like tears in his hamstring and soreness in his lower back. They really were slowly taking a toll on his body, causing damage under the surface, bit by bit.

Larry Wheels life struggles

And his life certainly comes with struggles.

At the young age of 16, Larry Wheels found himself addicted to drugs and anabolic steroids. He was introduced to them by a friend he met at the gym and after responding really well to the drugs at first he slowly became reliant on them, letting them become a huge part of his life.

In July 2019, Larry Wheels was accused of infidelity with males and females, narcissistic behavior, and physical and verbal abuse by his then-girlfriend of five years, Chelsea King, in a very public YouTube video on her channel sharing audio recordings of their arguments.

Wheels publicly denied the accusations, but having your relationship blasted on the front page for all to see can mess with anyone.

Wheels however did admit to having an addiction to adult websites where he’d spend a lot of money for webcam shows and acknowledged that he needed help because his addiction was affecting his relationship with his girlfriend and his training.

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Another life struggle includes Otis Perkins, also known in the powerlifting community as “Black Tom Cruise”, and one of Larry Williams’s first training partners, who died at the age of 39 after a car accident on Sunday, July 11, 2021. Williams shared the news himself in an Instagram post on July 24, 2021, and shared his love and appreciation for his long-time friend.

image 79
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Business Endeavors

Larry Wheels has quite a few income revenues including his own product line that includes apparel, supplements, and gear. He also has some amazing workout programs and continues to share his fantastic feats with his 4 million followers on Instagram.

Larry Wheels Powerlifting World Records:

Larry Wheels Max Squat

In a 2021 video, Larry Wheels squatted 900 lbs (410 kg) wearing only a belt and knee sleeves.

Larry Wheels Max Bench

In June 2022, Larry Wheels bench pressed 675 lbs (307 kg) at about 275 lbs body weight, the biggest bench of his life.

Larry Wheels Max Deadlift

In another June 2022 video, Larry Wheels is recorded deadlifting 930 lbs (423 kg) for three reps. While he is using straps and hitches on the way up, this is much heavier than his competition’s best of 882 lbs (401 kg).

The 2020 Arnold Sports Festival

Wheels hit some huge numbers in Columbus at the Arnold Sports Festival, which gave him a 2370lb (1075kg) total raw without wraps at 308lbs; which was is 0.1lbs more than the previous world record (2369.9lbs) held by Eric Lilliebridge from 2016.

Separately he hit…

870lb in the squat, 645lb in the bench press, and 855lb in the deadlift.

Is Larry Wheels Natural Now?

Wheels explains he had been on performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) since he was 17 years old and even posted an Instagram post showcasing what the steroid abuse had done to his face.

image 77
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Another consequence of using anabolic steroids for so long is when you come off them, your body can’t produce testosterone on its own. And without testosterone, your body can’t recover, build, or maintain muscle mass, which is the absolute worst news for a professional powerlifter.

Instead of continuing steroids or letting his career tumble, he instead switched to testosterone replacement therapy(TRT), a therapeutic provision of testosterone that will help him achieve normal amounts of testosterone.

Both testosterone replacement therapy and steroids give you testosterone, except Illegal steroids give your body way more than it can naturally produce. And too much testosterone too can lead to serious health issues such as kidney problems, liver damage, high blood pressure, enlarged heart, changes in blood cholesterol, an increased risk of blood clots, and so forth. TRT allows your body to bring your testosterone level to a more natural level to help balance out your hormones and decrease low-testosterone issues.

So, as of now from what Wheels has said, he’s on his way to recovery to heal his body after many years of anabolic steroid abuse. 

How is Larry Wheels so strong?

To some, it might feel like he just woke up with nearly superhuman muscles that allow him to achieve great feats of strength and get the title of one of the strongest powerlifters ever, but Larry Wheel’s has been working out since childhood (before he could even get a gym membership) and its become like second nature to him.

He trains every day, multiple times a day, eats an abundance of nutritional food with high-calorie intake, and had a serious steroid cycle that allowed him to win bodybuilding contests and push harder in exhausting powerlifting sessions. 

There also is some room to say he has some great genetics on his side and some might say lifting and perfecting his body came quite naturally, though that doesn’t erase all the hard work he’s put into building his body and career.

Clearly, he’s put in the time and brought the determination and perseverance with all that he’s been through. It looks like he’s just getting started and getting ready to break even more records.


Julien Raby is the owner of BoxLife. He owns a bachelor in literature and a certificate in marketing from Concordia. He's Crossfit Level 1 certified and has been involved in Crossfit since 2010. In 2023 he finally made it to Crossfit Open Quarterfinals for the first time. LinkedIn Instagram Facebook

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