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6 Impressive Peloton Before and After Transformations That Will Inspire You

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For many people, weight loss can feel as impossible as climbing Mount Everest. In fact, the success rate for sustained weight loss is much worse. 

With under 5% of those attempting to lose weight being able to keep it off for any significant amount of time. This is because, unlike climbing a mountain, most people don’t think about how new tools, technology, and experienced coaches can help improve their odds of being successful with the Peloton weight loss journey.

Two friends discussing their Peloton before and after transformation at the gym
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With Peloton, we have an incredibly effective tool that could be as useful to you as the fixed lines installed into the routes on Mount Everest are to climbers. But a tool is only as useful as we know how to utilize it to its full benefit. And so in this article, we want to tell you about Peloton before and after transformations and its benefits. Let’s get started.

Will Peloton Help Me Lose Weight?

Peloton is an effective weight loss workout for people of all fitness levels. It splits down cholesterol and burns around 400-450 kcal per hour. It also affects the muscle mass and metabolic rate. This makes Peloton a great way of preventing obesity. So, those who want to lose weight should ride a Peloton bike regularly.

On the other hand, Peloton is not the best form of cardio to burn off a lot of calories. Because it works a specific area of the body to burn up these calories, specifically the leg muscles and glute muscles. 

Remember that a healthy weight loss is between half a pound and 2 pounds per week. But with daily weight fluctuations being between 1 to 7 pounds, you may not realize that something is working for you for months. That means you might be on track but be demotivated because you don’t see it and so you give up on it too early. So, make sure you weigh your body every week.

A man during his peloton before and after transformation challenge
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How Many Calories Does Peloton Ride Burn?

Let’s define exactly what a calorie is. There are two different types of calories: a small calorie (cal) and a large calorie (Cal or kcal). They’re both units of energy. 

The small calorie is the unit of energy that it takes to raise 1 gram of water one degree Celsius. And the large calorie is the unit of energy that it takes to raise 1 kilogram or 1 liter of water by the same amount of temperature.

Unfortunately, the calories that we see written down alongside our favorite foods are the large calories. So, 250 calories would take the same amount of energy as it would take to raise 250 liters of water by 1 degree Celsius.

We’re all fully aware of the basic mechanics of losing weight: if you consume fewer calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight. But exactly how many calories does Peloton ride burn? It depends on several factors. You need to take into account your age, gender, current weight, basal metabolic rate, and intensity of the Peloton cycling that you’re doing.

Generally, you can burn 200-300 calories per 20-minute beginner ride. If you want to be scientific and accurate about it, the only way you’re going to do it is to literally go into a lab and do a test that will give you an exact figure of how many calories you’re burning.

A man using a Peloton bike
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Peloton Before and After Benefits

1. The Bike Quality and Service

Peloton is a smooth and silent piece of equipment. It offers an easy setup and cleanup. After ordering the bike online, you may schedule the delivery date. Two Peloton techs will help you set up the bike and explain the basics of how to operate everything.

The quality of the Peloton bike is top; everything from the welded steel frame and industrial grade bearings to the aluminum petals and durable sports saddle is made well. Peloton pays attention to the details.

2. The Classes and Volume of Content

It just feels endless. You could probably do 20 workouts a day and over the rest of your life and not make a dent in it. It’s like Netflix or Youtube. They seem to upload much more content than you could actually possibly do. In addition to the volume of content, there’s also variety.

There are tons of instructors to choose from. You can find the exact style of instructor that you’re looking for. It’s not just live classes; once the class ends, it goes into their library. Additionally, they don’t just have spin classes. They have treadmill, abs, or yoga beginner classes as well. You can also run outside using their app.

3. Motivation

It’s one of the most underrated features of the Peloton bike. The classes themselves are super motivating. When you come onto the screen, it puts your favorite instructors there. It picks the daily classes for you based on what you’ve done already. It knows probably better than you what you’d like to do next.

Peloton instructors are full of energy; sometimes irritatingly. If you’re not feeling that motivated and you get on the bike, they will bring you up a level. By the way, Peloton is a great way to settle your mood and take any negative emotion. It improves your mental health.

peloton before and after integration
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4. Integration

Everything is fully integrated. You have access to the various types of workouts that Peloton provides. Also, you are able to connect different fitness wearables to the bike. 

You can see all of your cycling stats synced on the screen during your ride including your speed, cadence, bike resistance, and total output. And what’s pretty cool about this is that you can actually compare your stats with other Peloton riders during the ride. That gives that extra bit of motivation to push harder during your Peloton intense workouts.

5. Data

You can see the leaderboard, your output, the distance traveled, and also your total calories. You can see which part of your body you’ve used as well. If you use an Apple Watch, you can see how your heart rate performed throughout your cycling workouts and your heart rate zones.

6. Community

Another pro is being able to exercise with a friend. You can add friends in the app. That’s definitely a pro to be able to exercise with other people and not necessarily have to be together.

Peloton Before and After Female Transformations

1. Marissa Singer

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3. Lyndsay

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Peloton Before and After Male Transformations

1. Tom Tschampel

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2. Jonathan Brown

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3. Keith Dyke

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Tips for Getting Better Peloton Before and After Results

Here are 11 tips to help you lose weight with Peloton.

1. Do a Class Every Single Day

That is the major strength and benefit of having your own Peloton bike. It doesn’t mean you always have to do a challenging workout. But you should be physically active every single day. 

So, if you get into a routine where you jump on the Peloton bike and do a class every single day, you will build healthy habits that will breed success over the long term. If you build consistency up to do some class every single day, you will absolutely lose weight quicker than if you only do so occasionally.

2. Mix In a Few Strength Classes

These can be the strength classes that Peloton provides with body weight or dumbbells or you can go to your local fitness studio or gym to do a barbell strength training workout. 

Either way, adding in weight lifting workouts will help utilize more muscles in different ways. That means your body will have to recover and adapt differently than if you just ride the exercise bike every single time. Not only that but if you do additional strength training, you’ll likely build muscle mass or muscle tone which can increase your metabolism dramatically. It will allow you to lose belly fat faster than if you just do cardio only.

A diet plan adapted to Peloton exercise
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3. Healthy Diet

Working out is helpful and useful. However, if you had to choose between eating better and working out, we would strongly suggest eating better. Because that’s going to account for at least 80% of your results.

When selecting a nutrition plan, it’s incredibly important to understand that everybody reacts differently to different types of nutrition plans. Some people might feel and do well on keto or intermittent fasting; others on lower fat diets or carb cycling plans. It’s important that you figure out which balanced diet plan sounds best for you and that you give it a good try to see if it’s something that’ll be effective for you. 

If you don’t have a nutrition plan placed and you think you’re just going to work off your weight, that simply just will not happen. Many researches have shown over and over that working out without a nutrition plan is almost never effective. You have to think of your nutrition as the most important piece of your overall plan if weight loss is your goal.

4. Find a Buddy or Coach to Keep You Motivated and Accountable

The Peloton does a great job keeping you motivated and accountable by offering goals and providing you with coaches that you feel excited about taking their classes. But often that’s not going to be enough in the long term.

What we see happen over and over again is that somebody starts working out and losing weight until they hit a wall or have a bad day or a bad week. And then they just fall off never to jump back on again. 

This doesn’t happen if you have a buddy or coach to keep you accountable. Somebody who knows if you’re working out or not; somebody who keeps you on top of your nutrition and talks with you each week or day about your goals and how you are doing. If you have somebody like this, your chance of success will absolutely go up.

5. Track Your Weight

This tip is going to be one of the most critical for your success. The reason you need to track your weight comes down to understanding that what gets measured gets improved. And if you have no measurement, it’s very hard to make improvements long term. 

Nutrition can be different from person to person and what works for you and your friend may not be the same. In fact, what works for you right now may not work for you 20 pounds down the road. Unless you have some sort of tracking or measurements in place, you will be blind to this.

Thousands of people are successful in losing weight without stepping on the scale. But the chance of them succeeding is a lot lower. 

A focused man during his Peloton workout
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6. Focus

Keep your focus on long-term results but put your energy into today. Research has shown that those who focus on their long-term results meaning they’re not so worried about day-to-day or week-to-week results end up tending to lose weight faster and keep it off longer than those who are more worried about short-term results. 

Many of us tend to do the opposite. We worry day-to-day if we’re losing weight or not. You have to keep perspective and keep your mind on those long-term results.

7. Check Out

When you get the Peloton delivered, you should definitely try out that bike even if it’s not yet plugged in. Just jump on to see if the pedals make any weird sounds or if there are any issues. 

It doesn’t happen all the time. But sometimes these bikes do come with defects so that the delivery person can take the bike with them if there’s a defect when they leave rather than having to wait a few more weeks for them to do so.

8. Tighten the Bolts Once per Month

The next tip is that you should try to tighten the bolts on your bike and on your cleats at least once per month. You may not notice it right away but your bike and shoes will start loosening as you ride. Eventually, you might be wondering why your seat is moving so much and why the clips are making some weird noises. 

If you get in the habit of tightening everything up at the beginning of the month, you’ll likely never have to run into any of these issues. Also speaking of shaking or wobbling, if you want to check out the leveling of the bike, this is a lot easier if you have 2 people.

9. Adjust the Seat

If you’re riding the bike and you notice that you are starting to have a lot of knee pain, one of the most common reasons for that is that you have the seat too low. In fact, many people have their seats too low. It is one of the most common cycling mistakes. So, if you have knee pain, make sure to evaluate how high your seat is.

Speaking of pain, some people do experience a very painful and sore butt when first getting into indoor cycling. This is to be expected and it should go away for most people. But if getting a softer seat or some extra compression helps you stay more consistent on the bike in the beginning, definitely just go for it.

A woman using the handbars of her Peloton machine
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10. Adjust the Handlebar Height

The handlebar is the only adjustment that you can make that doesn’t have to be ideal. A lot of times cyclists will have their handlebars at or below their seat height. That makes sense if you’re riding outside and you’re trying to be aerodynamic. 

But if you are just using your Peloton and don’t care about aerodynamics, then adjust the handlebar to whatever position it feels most comfortable to you. Especially if you are prone to back pain, you may want to raise your handlebar up just a little bit more so that you can keep your back in a good position.

11. Join a Team

Finally, one of the most important tips for beginners to the Peloton is that you should look into joining an accountability group. There are dozens of groups on Facebook that represent people who ask questions to each other, help each other out, and set up events. Working out at home is great but it’s even greater when you have a whole team behind your back and if you are already in one of these groups.

Peloton Before and After: FAQ’s

How long does it take to see results with Peloton?

Depending on chosen classes and body weight, losing 5 pounds takes 3-5 weeks. Generally, the average person begins getting noticeable results in 2 months of regular Peloton biking.

Is Peloton good for losing weight?

It can definitely help you increase overall fat loss. Peloton provides you with access to a ton of cardio workouts from HIIT classes to hills training and power zone training. In addition, cycling on a Peloton bike allows you to burn more calories even during rest.


Julien Raby is the owner of BoxLife. He owns a bachelor in literature and a certificate in marketing from Concordia. He's Crossfit Level 1 certified and has been involved in Crossfit since 2010. In 2023 he finally made it to Crossfit Open Quarterfinals for the first time. LinkedIn Instagram Facebook

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