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Assault Bike Review – Which Model Is Right For You?

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Julien Raby

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Nothing gets the heart pumping and blood flowing like good old-fashioned cardio training on a stationary bike. This piece of conditioning equipment has revolutionized the way we approach fitness, making it easier than ever to shed pounds and gain muscle in the comfort of your own home.

Luckily, some manufacturers have gone above and beyond, creating machines that deliver on their promises and provide amazing results in a fraction of the time. One such company is Assault Fitness, whose innovative models have quickly taken root in the fitness community. So then how can you possibly decide which one’s the best assault bike for your needs?

A muscular man using an Assault Bike
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In A Hurry? Here’s Our Best Picks

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ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Classic, Black
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ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Elite, Grey
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Product's nameBest Overall
Best for Beginners
ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Classic, Black
Heaviest-Duty Air Bike
ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Elite, Grey
Final ThoughtThe Pro is ideal for those looking for an all-purpose bike with superior performance for a full-body workout.Those who want the air bike experience on a budget or are on the precipice of their fitness journey will find the Classic a suitable match for their needs.The sheer strength and durability of the Elite are undeniable. The machine is made from a thicker frame and comes with reinforced parts that can take quite a beating.
Product Weight118 lbs95 lbs138 lbs
Dimensions49.8” L x 24.1” W x 51.1” H50.95” L x 23.34” W x 50” H55.08” L x 26.26” W x 55” H
Seat Adjustments 11 for height and 6 for length11 for height and 5 for length 12 for height and unlimited for length
Max User Weight300 bs300 lbs350 lbs
Frame Warranty7 years5 years10 years
Learn moreSee at AmazonSee at AmazonSee at Amazon

Why You Should Trust Us

Behind each one of BoxLife’s ventures is an experienced team of fitness junkies and enthusiastic professionals who have dedicated their time to creating resources for like-minded individuals. Our wealth of knowledge about all aspects related to workouts and training comes from our own run-ins with different pieces of cardio equipment, both in standard training facilities and regular home and garage gyms.

Throughout our trials and errors, we have come to recognize the importance of each model’s features and specifications, as well as its potential for improving form and conditioning. We have great respect for the overall user experience a certain model can bring, as well as for the robustness of the craftsmanship and engineering.

Who Is This Guide For?

Virtually anyone who wants a companion piece to their training program can benefit from learning more about Assault bikes. Their individual features and signature touches bring different levels of intensity to each workout session, and we’re determined to help you see those subtle nuances and reach your highest potential.

A woman using an Assault Bike at the gym
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How We Picked the Best Products

Even the most informed professionals and training fanatics need a well-rounded and objective perspective on each piece of conditioning equipment they come across. We wanted to see what other people’s experiences entailed and whether they pointed out any flaws or improvements that could be made.

To achieve this, we researched the discussion threads across Reddit and Quora, with a multitude of users expressing their feelings and opinions on each model. We also consulted the reviews of consumers on popular retailers like Amazon, Titan, and Rogue Fitness, which are invaluable sources for honest and unbiased evaluations.

How We Graded Each Product

Our scoring system is based on several hand-picked criteria which we deemed as vital to our investigative process. Some models provided greater results in certain areas than others, so we tried to take an equal approach when grading each one on the following:

  • Overall Build Quality – The way a certain machine is designed and put together has a dramatic influence on its lasting potential. We looked closely at the materials used, as well as their respective tolerances and construction processes that might influence the general look and feel of each model, as well as their impact on user experience.
  • Ergonomics – Comfort is a crucial yet underrated factor in all conditioning workout exercises since it offers support in areas such as the lower back and other pressure points. We looked at the overall design of each seat, handlebars, and footrests to see how well they accommodate typical body types and sizes. Each movement should be smooth and natural, with minimal risks of injury or fatigue.
  • Performance – This one’s a no-brainer: each model needs to provide the same level of intensity and obtain results that are consistent with their advertised specifications. We looked at how each model’s performance ratings were compared across all user reviews, as well as the average results of professional athletes testing the same model under different conditions.
  • Versatility – Even if a certain model is not designed with multiple functions in mind, its ability to switch between different settings is absolutely crucial. It needs a number of resistance levels and adjustable components to accommodate the needs of different users. We examined the diverse range of settings, as well as their overall design and integration into each model.
  • Price Range – Last but certainly not least, we had to take into consideration the overall value of a certain product within its price point. The specifications have to be in line with its pricing, as well as the potential for it to hold up over time and not break apart prematurely. This balance between features and cost was the deciding factor in our grading system.

The Products

Despite being in the same product category, the Assault Bike range has plenty of diversity in its ranks to offer. From the entry-level Classic to the feature-packed Elite, we’ve broken each model down into its respective categories and explored their individual uses.

Assault Bike Pro – Best Overall

The Assault Bike Pro is the middle-ground between the Classic and Elite models, offering a respectable level of performance and a decent range of features. The commercial-grade aluminum frame is a major selling point, with a thick and durable construction that can easily outlast the competition. Engineered to the greatest tolerances, it’s designed to perform under the toughest conditions and deliver consistent results.


  • Solid 7-year frame warranty
  • Comes with Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility
  • Connects to the Assault Fitness App for greater customization
  • High-contrast display console with vivid colors and crisp viewing angles


  • No additional labor warranty
  • Doesn’t include a wind guard out of the box

Key Specs

Dimensions49.8” L x 24.1” W x 51.1” H
Product Weight118.4 lbs
Max User Weight Capacity300 lbs
Seat Adjustments11 for height and 6 for length

Why It’s Great

Even though it may seem like it’s the Classic model on steroids, the Pro offers a number of additional features that give it the edge over its peers. It has a heavier and sturdier frame construction than the original, with reinforced pivots and joints to ensure a smooth ride and seamless transitions between different configurations.

The Pro also has Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility, as well as access to the Assault Fitness app which can be used to track and analyze your performance across different sessions. The display console is a high-contrast LED panel with vibrant colors and a crisp viewing angle, allowing you to monitor your progress in real-time. You can keep track of your time, speed, heart rate and rotations per minute with a flick of a switch, and even share it with others on their platform.

As for the resistance system, the belt drive has been upgraded with a new heavy-duty flywheel and an intuitive resistance knob that provides admirable control. With air resistance following the rules of physics, you can make drastic adjustments without using any additional dials. It goes faster and slower in response to your efforts, allowing you to work up a sweat without over-exerting yourself.

Finally, the ergonomics have been improved and the saddle has a longer lifespan, with an extra padded seat with contoured curves to support your back. The handlebars are adjustable and can be moved up or down with the push of a button, as well as tilted forward or backward to meet your requirements.

Who It’s Best For

The Pro is ideal for those looking for an all-purpose bike with superior performance for a full-body workout. It has all the bells and whistles needed for a professional-level experience, with an incredibly user-friendly and convenient design that makes it a great choice for beginners and experienced riders alike. It’s the perfect companion for anyone trying to keep their fitness level up at a slightly more advanced level.

Assault Bike Classic – Best for Beginners

The first official bike from this line, the Classic is the entry-level model that’s often pegged as a budget air bike for smaller homes or lighter riders. Even though it may not have the same heft as its Pro counterpart, the Classic is still a formidable machine with plenty of power under the hood and numerous perks to back up its lasting performance.


  • Falls into the affordable bikes category
  • Has a design that resembles a traditional fan bike with no fancy features
  • Lighter frame and built-in transport wheels for easier transport
  • Comes with a number of on-board programs for added versatility


  • No Bluetooth or ANT+ compatibility
  • Additional wind guard sold separately

Key Specs

Dimensions50.95” L x 23.34” W x 50” H
Product Weight95.64 lbs
Max User Weight Capacity300 lbs
Seat Adjustments11 for height and 5 for length 

Why It’s Great

The signature design of a traditional air bike is definitely visible in the Classic model, as it uses similar parts and design cues that have been tested for years. The all-metal frame feels strong and solid right out of the box, with a durable construction that easily supports heavier weights. While there are no flashy features to write home about, the simple and straightforward operating system makes it incredibly easy to use and understand.

The frame also has transport wheels built-in, which are useful for storing the bike away without having to move it around too much. The fan is relatively quiet and keeps up with your efforts, regardless of how fast you’re going.

As for the central console, it’s in line with the machine’s minimalist design and allows you to monitor your progress with a few basic readings. You can keep track of how far and how long you’ve been going, as well as get accurate heart rate measurements at any time during your workout. Even if it doesn’t connect to the Assault Fitness App, the Classic does have its own set of preset programs that are designed to keep your training challenging and effective.

When it comes to ergonomics, the custom seat adjustments are a bit limited and the handlebars don’t have the same range of motion as higher-end models. But overall, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable and provides enough support to prevent any fatigue or pain during your workouts. Even though it doesn’t have a tablet or water bottle holder, you could always purchase a separate attachment for added convenience.

Who It’s Best For

Those who want the air bike experience on a budget or are on the precipice of their fitness journey will find the Classic a suitable match for their needs. Its lightweight design and lack of additional features make it easy to use and store, perfect for smaller apartments or homes. Its reliable performance and simple setup make it a great choice for someone looking to start their journey into fitness without the added complexity of modern features.

Assault Bike Elite – Heaviest-Duty Air Bike

Moving on to the most high-end option of the air bike models, the Elite is a powerful machine that has a premium finish to its beefier frame. It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a top-tier model, with infinite seat customization and full compatibility with the Assault Fitness App. It’s an incredibly stable machine that feels almost unshakeable even at high speeds, which is incredibly useful for competitive cyclists and performance-oriented users.


  • Has a much wider and better-cushioned seat than the other models
  • Full access to the Assault Fitness App with interactive workouts
  • Excellent 10-year frame warranty
  • Higher weight limit than its peers


  • Quite an expensive machine
  • The heavier frame might be more difficult to move

Key Specs

Dimensions55.08” L x 26.26” W x 55” H
Product Weight138.89 lbs
Max User Weight Capacity350 lbs
Seat Adjustments12 for height and unlimited for length 

Why It’s Great

The sheer strength and durability of the Elite are undeniable. The machine is made from a thicker frame and comes with reinforced parts that can take quite a beating. It features industrial powder coating on all of the metal parts, which gives it a sleek and attractive finish that looks great in any setting. It feels incredibly stable during even the most intense workout, with little rattling or shaking as you pedal away.

The Elite’s console plays host to a few advanced features that the other models just don’t have, such as a competition mode and leaderboard functionality. You can also link the Elite to your personal smart device which gives you access to interactive workouts that are tailored to your own abilities. This makes for an incredibly engaging experience and provides plenty of incentive to keep pushing yourself.

Another defining feature is that it allows you to isolate upper and lower body exercises, by using either the foot pegs or adjustable handles at a time. This gives you more control over which muscles you’d like to focus on during your workouts and opens up a whole range of possibilities that the other models don’t have.

It’s also the only model to come with an Assault windscreen on the front, which prevents the air generated from the flywheel from getting in your face. While it’s not exactly powerful enough to be a nuisance, having it blowing into your face can be quite distracting. Plus, you get an excellent warranty to cover any manufacturing defects, which gives added peace of mind.

Who It’s Best For

Performance athletes and serious cyclists will love the Elite, as it provides the perfect platform for their workouts. It has all the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a top-tier model, and its stability and durability are sturdy enough for high-intensity interval training and long-distance rides.

A woman using an Assault Bike in an empty gym
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The Buying Guide

While the benefits of air bikes are undeniable and quite obvious, they’re not entirely the same. Sometimes, your own wants, needs and preferences will put one machine in front of the others, while the general specifications of each model might be far too close to call.

Available Space

While most Assault models have a compact frame and don’t take up that much space, you’ll still want to consider how much room you have available. For instance, Elite belongs to a class of air bikes that need ample space to be fully assembled and properly used.

The Classic, on the other hand, is far more user-friendly in terms of available space and is better suited for homes and small apartments. It can give you a tremendous workout and a responsive ride without taking up too much of your living area.

Seat Adjustment Options

Both horizontal and vertical adjustments are available on the three options, with the Elite having the most comprehensive mechanisms available. The Classic and the Pro are more limited in this regard, but they still offer enough cushioning and adjustability for user customization and comfort.

Now, most people will usually take one seat option from the get-go and stick with it for the rest of their fitness journey. But whether that exact position would be available on the machine or not is something you’ll have to consider.


Affordable air bikes don’t necessarily entail poor quality or bad performance. In fact, the Classic model is far from a cheapy-looking bike – it’s a piece of equipment that’s as functional and reliable as its pricier counterparts.

Furthermore, the Pro is a reasonable purchase for those who don’t have the budget for the Elite and offers a good balance between features and affordability. You don’t have to go all out if you don’t want to, and the Pro is proof of that.

A man using an Assault Bike
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Is Assault Bike a good workout?

The belt drives on the Assault Air Bike series provide smooth and consistent resistance that mimics the sensation of riding an outdoor bicycle. This makes it a great choice for all-out HIIT rides and steady endurance exercises because it engages both the lower and upper body muscles in a balanced manner.

Do Assault bikes burn fat?

The modern advances in air bike design make them perfect for burning calories and fat, as the resistance is solely determined by how hard you pedal. This means that you can tailor your calorie-torching workouts to target specific fat-burning zones for maximum effectiveness and shed a few extra pounds in the process.

How long should an Assault bike workout be?

This all depends on your current fitness level and goals, but the general recommendation is to try and aim for at least 20 minutes of riding per session. As you become more familiar with the bike, you can experiment with different intervals, with even the most brutal workout sessions lasting no more than 45 minutes.

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