The Best Treadmills with Netflix: Are They Worth It?

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Regardless of the kind of training regimen you have in place, sometimes we all get a bit bored with our regular physical exercise routine. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a quick 5K or an entire marathon training session – having some entertainment to keep you motivated and focused is always a nifty bonus.

So, what if you could combine your cardio workout on your home elliptical with some of those shows you’ve been itching to catch up on? Or maybe that movie you’ve wanted to watch for ages but haven’t had the time? Then you should look into treadmills with Netflix compatibility to optimize your entertainment and training experience.

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Why You Should Trust Us

In an overly saturated and noisy fitness market, cutting through the noise isn’t always the easiest thing. Regardless of your fitness level or exercise experience, some machines may have features that you didn’t even know existed or would have any use for, whereas others are simply flashy marketing gimmicks.

Here at BoxLife, we have a long-standing history of in-depth testing and research for each piece of equipment we come across, with a diverse team of fitness enthusiasts from athletes to casual trainers. We’re strongly focused on the functionality and value a certain product brings to the table, while also taking note of the safety and sturdiness of the items we review.

Who Is This Guide For?

Ever felt like you don’t have enough time for a full workout routine and a leisurely show binge session? Or maybe you just want to spice up your training with some entertainment on the side? Then this guide is for you. Even if you’re not particularly bothered by a plain workout, you’d be surprised at how fast time passes with a movie or show playing in front of you.

Sunny Health & Fitness Electric Treadmill
Based on our testing, this is the best budget treadmill for beginners. For less than 400$, it has most essential features that you've come to expect, it's small and sturdy, frankly it offers great value for money. It's also backed with an 8 years warranty.
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How We Picked the Best Products

The combination of a treadmill and a TV may seem like an unnecessary luxury on the surface, but it can be incredibly helpful for those who want to integrate some form of entertainment into their fitness routine. This is why we went searching for individuals with those exact preferences online, mainly through social platforms like Reddit and Quora.

It’s no secret that the online community takes no prisoners when it comes to expressing opinions on products they’ve tried, both from a positive and a negative perspective. We took this same approach when we sifted through reviews on the most popular retail websites like Amazon, Titan, and Rogue Fitness. This imminently useful information helps us to narrow down the best treadmills with Netflix compatibility that offer the most value for money.

How We Graded Each Product

Once we assembled all the necessary elements of an objective assessment, we pinned them against a meticulously designed scoring system to gauge the overall performance of each product. In the end, the final list of criteria was based on the following points:

  • Screen Size – Starting off with arguably the most vital feature, having a decently-sized LCD screen with crisp image clarity and responsive controls is essential for fulfilling the purpose of a treadmill with Netflix compatibility. Some models even come with a swivel-mount design for better visibility, as well as HDMI ports and Bluetooth for connecting other devices.
  • Frame Material and Build – There’s no point in focusing on the tech specs if the frame itself is not up to par. You won’t make much use of a huge display if the frame itself feels flimsy or vibrates too much. It has to be robust enough to handle your weight and support every move you make, all while delivering a smooth and comfortable motion.
  • Preset Workout Programs – Speaking of tech specs, having pre-installed workout programs tailored to your fitness level can be an incredible help in spicing up your training routine. From manual settings with adjustable inclines and speeds to automated programs that can take you through a 12-week cycle of intense training – these are the cornerstone of a modern cardio training session.
  • Price Range – While the addition of an LCD display and some extra features can be enticing, you should make sure the machine’s price reflects its value. That said, you can expect to splurge a bit more on these products, given their sophisticated design and versatility but it doesn’t have to come at a steep cost.

The Products

When we mapped out all the features and sorted them according to our scoring system, three distinct models emerged as prolific contenders for a seamless Netflix integration. Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect from each one:

NordicTrack Commercial 2950 – Best Overall

Best Overall
NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

Stunning 22-inch HD touchscreen that comes with a full library of pre-loaded content and Netflix access, with sharp image quality and solid viewing angles for a hassle-free experience.

  • Immersive touch screen and Google Maps compatibility
  • Smart iFIT technology that automatically adjusts your speed range
  • The inbuilt workout programs take a while to load
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Few names are as impactful and respected in the fitness industry as NordicTrack, and the Commercial series is certainly a force to be reckoned with. There are three main products in this line – the 1750, the 2450, and the 2950 – each with its own set of tempting features and abilities. But when it comes to screen size and overall build quality, the latter takes the cake with its impressive design and technical capabilities.


  • Immersive touch screen and Google Maps compatibility for fully interactive workouts
  • Smart iFIT technology that automatically adjusts your speed range
  • One-touch incline buttons for quick customization
  • Folding design and space-saver technology for easy storage


  • The inbuilt workout programs take a while to load
  • Assembly requires at least two people due to the larger footprint

Key Specs

Machine Size79.5” L x 39.2” W x 66.6” H
Belt Size22” x 60”
Screen Size22”
Motor Power4.25 HP
Maximum Speed13.7 mph
Maximum Weight Capacity300 lbs

Why It’s Great

The Nordictrack Commercial Treadmill Series is exactly what the name suggests – a high-end blend of sophisticated design and advanced technology for a home-based cardio experience unlike any other. The corded electric motor provides sufficient power for intense workouts, with a whisper-quiet operation that won’t disrupt your neighbors or cause unnecessary distractions to your training.

At the heart of it all is a stunning 22-inch HD touchscreen that comes with a full library of pre-loaded content and Netflix access, with sharp image quality and solid viewing angles for a hassle-free experience. And since it’s compatible with Google Maps, you can even explore trails and destinations across the globe, and even take part in on-demand workouts with personal trainers through the iFIT app.

As far as customization goes, the device automatically adjusts the optimum speed settings to match your fitness level, while the one-touch incline settings allow you to adjust the intensity of your workout with minimal fuss. The incline range starts from a modest -3% to a more challenging 15%, giving you plenty of training options to keep yourself on your toes.

In terms of comfort, the specialized cushioning technology on the deck minimizes the impact on your joints, giving you a softer landing while you work out. With each stride, the padding absorbs any shocks and jerks from the surface, allowing for smoother transitions and reducing the risk of injury.

Who It’s Best For

Given its versatile design and comprehensive performance, the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 is sure to appeal to a wide variety of users – from seasoned workout veterans to complete novices. The intuitive touchscreen and Google Maps integration make it a particularly attractive option for tech-savvy users, while the adjustable incline settings and automatic speed control allow even beginners to get up and running with minimal effort.

Bowflex Treadmill 22 – Best Heavy-Duty Treadmill

Best Heavy-Duty Treadmill
Bowflex Treadmill 22

The device boasts a massive 22-inch touchscreen at the center of the console, and it comes with a full suite of high-end features.

  • Powerful motor that doesn't produce much noise
  • Heavy-duty steel frame built
  • Quite a heavy treadmill at 336 lbs
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A real mammoth piece of exercise equipment, this high-performance treadmill packs a punch for those looking for serious muscular endurance training. It looks and feels incredibly sturdy, with a heavy-duty steel frame that can easily handle intense workouts and grueling cardio sessions. The robust construction stands up to regular use, with the soft-drop folding mechanism making storage a breeze.


  • Spacious deck with lots of running space
  • Powerful motor that doesn’t produce much noise
  • Heavy-duty steel frame built for intense endurance workouts
  • Dedicated heart rate training programs for cardiovascular exercises


  • Quite a heavy treadmill at 336 lbs
  • Requires the JRNY Fitness App to fully access all its features

Key Specs

Machine Size85″ L x 39.6″ W x 70″ H
Belt Size22” x 60”
Screen Size22”
Motor Power4 HP
Maximum Speed12 mph
Maximum Weight Capacity400 lbs

Why It’s Great

The heftier price tag certainly comes with its advantages, and the Bowflex Treadmill 22 has plenty going for it. For starters, the device boasts a massive 22-inch touchscreen at the center of the console, and it comes with a full suite of high-end features. The app-based JRNY Fitness Trainer lets you sync your personal data directly, as well as access a range of personalized workouts tailored to your individual fitness needs.

This high-end smart treadmill also comes with built-in sensors that track your pace, distance, and calories burned, as well as an accurate heart rate monitor to help you determine your ideal training zone. You can tilt the screen up and down to find the most comfortable viewing angle, and the various sound options let you listen to your favorite playlist or podcast without any interruptions.

As for performance, the large and durable deck gives you plenty of room to move and take long strides, despite having a somewhat lackluster padding system. The powerful motor allows for speeds ranging up to 12 mph and a wide selection of inclines from -5% to 15%, offering plenty of training options to keep you engaged.

The frame itself features chrome-plated accents across the sides and handlebars, with enough elbow space to make your workout sessions as comfortable as possible. What’s more, the machine is built to be extra quiet during high-intensity workouts, even at top speed so that you can focus on your goals without any distractions.

Who It’s Best For

The Bowflex Treadmill 22 can be a massive bonus for those focusing on adaptive workouts in varying intensity levels. The powerful motor and user-friendly app-based controls have plenty of features to keep anyone motivated, and its stunning display console offers plenty of entertainment options to keep you going.

ProForm Carbon T10 Treadmill – Best for Budget

Best for Budget
ProForm Carbon T10

The age-old misconception that the cheapest treadmill is always the weakest link in the chain is notably challenged by the ProForm Carbon T10.

  • 10-inch touchscreen display
  • 3-year iFIT family membership included
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • The slightly narrower deck might be uncomfortable for taller users
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The age-old misconception that the cheapest treadmill is always the weakest link in the chain is notably challenged by the ProForm Carbon T10. This budget-friendly device has enough performance and value to satisfy even the most discerning of shoppers, with its range of on-demand iFIT workouts as well as manual and interval programs. Its relatively compact steel frame holds up well under regular use, while the folding design keeps it from taking up too much room.


  • Straightforward 10-inch touchscreen display with easy-to-follow controls
  • 3-year iFIT family membership included out of the box
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction that won’t rattle as you jog
  • Solid speed range given the less powerful motor


  • The slightly narrower deck might be uncomfortable for taller users
  • The motor warranty could be a bit longer

Key Specs

Machine Size74.62″ L x 35.24″ W x 64.39″ H
Belt Size22” x 55”
Screen Size10”
Motor Power2.75 HP
Maximum Speed10 mph
Maximum Weight Capacity300 lbs

Why It’s Great

The 10-inch high-contrast display that’s plastered across the central console isn’t nearly as big as the other smart treadmills on this list but has more than enough user-friendly controls to get you up and running in no time. The integrated iFIT membership gives you full access to on-demand workouts and training plans, as well as a series of manual mode adjustments with the settings button arrangement below the display.

If you’re not exactly a fan of the way the screen looks, you can always use the device holder beneath the central console to prop up your smartphone or tablet and access whatever YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu videos you’d like. That way, you get to enjoy both an efficient exercise session and some great entertainment at the same time. Just keep in mind that any larger tablets or devices may cover the built-in monitor up top, which could hinder your performance-tracking capabilities.

When it comes to build quality, the steel frame relies on two integrated stabilizers at the base to keep everything in place, along with plastic-covered support bars on both sides. It’s a good balance between weight and durability, especially compared to other budget treadmills in its class. The smaller deck also gives it a bit more portability when folded up and stored away.

Given its price tag, it’s no surprise that the motor is the part that’s taken the brunt of ProForm’s cost-cutting measures. While the maximum speed of 10 mph is more than enough for most casual runners or walkers, those who wish to sprint may need to look elsewhere. But even at the highest end of the speed range, the device operates with a surprisingly quiet hum, giving you an enjoyable experience whether you’re using it for leisurely jogs or intense HIIT sessions.

Who It’s Best For

Not everyone has the means to splurge on a high-end smart treadmill, and that’s exactly the niche the ProForm Carbon T10 fills in quite nicely. It has enough basic features to justify its more affordable nature, along with a few extra bonuses that add to the value. It’s a great fit for those who are just starting out their fitness journey, as well as people who have limited floor space and are looking for a budget-friendly option that still packs plenty of features.

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Expert Tips on Buying a Treadmill

Aside from the tech specs that make up the foundation of a treadmill’s Netflix compatibility, you’d need to focus on the device’s other aspects to ensure an all-around effective and enjoyable experience. After all, your primary concern should be the machine’s performance and stability, not just how it looks or its smart capabilities.

Motor Type

Most people just look at the continuous horsepower (HP) rating as the defining factor when evaluating a certain motor’s power output, but this alone won’t tell you how suitable it is for a particular application. Instead, you need to look into the difference between AC and DC motors, since the former offers more consistent power output while the latter is somewhat quieter and cheaper.

AC models rely on a permanent magnet with very few moving parts, which is why they’re popular for running and jogging. This helps minimize friction and noise, with consistent speed adjustments as you exercise. They’re also more affordable and use less power, which is why they’re found in budget-friendly devices.

Sunny Health & Fitness Electric Treadmill
Based on our testing, this is the best budget treadmill for beginners. For less than 400$, it has most essential features that you've come to expect, it's small and sturdy, frankly it offers great value for money. It's also backed with an 8 years warranty.

On the other hand, DC varieties are better suited for sprinting because of their higher acceleration and peak performance. Sure, they’re a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it if you want to get the most out of your machine.

Deck Cushioning and Durability

When you’re performing repeated impact exercises on a treadmill, having some sort of shock absorption technology is at the top of the list. You don’t want to suffer from joint pain or fatigue after only a few minutes and you certainly wouldn’t want your machine to start creaking or shaking after a while.

Look out for treadmill machines with sufficient padding and gentle drop technology to reduce the impact of your feet on the running surface. This is especially true if you plan on using it for extended periods or high-intensity interval training, which are based on constant and repeated impacts.

Incline Level

A criminally underrated element in many treadmills, the incline level can actually help you burn more calories and increase your overall performance. This is because it simulates the effect of running on an inclined surface, which mimics a real-life outdoor running experience.

Using the same analogy, the higher the incline, the more challenging your workout becomes. A few models even provide auto-incline options, going all the way up to 15% grade. This basically means that it follows a preset program and increases the incline level when you reach certain goals or milestones.

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Noise Output

It’s unrealistic to expect no noise from a treadmill, as even the quietest motor still produces some sound. But at the very least, you’d want it to remain at manageable levels, with minimal vibrations and humming that won’t disrupt your activities.

Some models feature specialized noise-reduction features, such as dampening mats or motor casings with sound-insulating materials. Others opt for an air-based cushioning system that’s designed to reduce noise and provide a comfortable running experience.

The key thing here is to know the difference between normal and abnormal noises your treadmill makes. If you notice any whirring or clicking sounds during operation, it’s best to have it checked out and serviced as soon as possible. This could indicate loose or worn-out parts that could potentially cause damage to your machine.


Can I watch a show while on the treadmill?

Absolutely – there’s nothing stopping you from engaging in a good Netflix binge while you exercise. Not only does it help you power through your workout more quickly, but it also gives you a chance to zone out and relax. Just make sure that your device is Netflix-compatible and that the viewing angles of the screen in question are comfortable for you.

Which treadmills have TVs?

Not all treadmills with screens come with streaming service compatibility. You’ll need to check the specifications of each device carefully before you invest, as some models only come with built-in displays for basic metrics like time, distance, or speed. Others come with integrated entertainment systems, such as music players or streaming platforms like YouTube or Netflix. NordicTrack, ProForm, and Bowflex are just some of the names you can consider.

What is a smart treadmill?

We see the word smart being thrown around so often these days, but what does it actually mean when it comes to treadmills? The context here is simple – a smart treadmill is essentially any device that comes with built-in sensors, displays, and entertainment systems. The idea is to provide you with an immersive workout experience for the modern-day gym-goer without sacrificing functionality.

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