The 2014 CrossFit Invitational Welcomes New Regions

On November 9th, the CrossFit Invitational returns to our community, with one major change. Team USA vs Team World will no longer be the format of competition. Instead, Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa, Julie Foucher and Emily Bridgers (the four athletes who make up Team USA) will battle Team Canada, Team Australia and Team Europe at … Read more

CrossFit Team Series: Week 2 Update

The CrossFit Team Series returned this past week, as four new workouts were announced last Thursday (September 18th). Teams around the world had until Monday, 5pm Pacific Time to complete the workouts and submit their scores, and as of today, a new team sits atop the leaderboard. Rogue Fitness Red (Dan Bailey, Josh Bridges, Lauren Fisher and … Read more

4 Healthy Alternatives to (Cow) Milk

Got Milk? The good people of America have been bombarded with this slogan for years, which is accompanied by celebrities with the now iconic milk moustache on billboards, TV commercials and magazine advertisements. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), through its food dietary guidelines, says that everyone should get 2-3 servings of dairy every day. … Read more

Coach’s Corner: Q & A with Ben Bergeron

You work hard. You train hard. And you’re always looking for ways to improve. The best protein to take. The best shoes to wear. The best mobility move to do. And the best programming to follow or, if you’re a coach, the best programming to incorporate at your box. With so many options out there, … Read more

The Real Reason You Love CrossFit: Says Who? Science

Do you have friends and family who are threatening to put you in rehab because you have some sort of “addiction to CrossFit?” And you would disagree, but you’re too busy watching a YouTube video of CrossFit Games highlights to do anything about it. Well, there may be more truth to your friends’ concerns than … Read more