BoxLife Roundup: The Latest from the CrossFit Community

In case you missed it, let’s catch you up on what’s going on around the CrossFit community: October 15th—CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman releases statement on Kevin Ogar and OC Throwdown We all remember the tragic incident at the OC Throwdown (OCT) back in January, when Kevin Ogar suffered a major spinal injury during … Read more

The Deload Week: Why You Need to Incorporate it in your Training

While we would all like to believe that we could go to the box and operate at maximum efficiency and power for months on end, we know that this simply isn’t the case. You get stronger by recovering from exercise. This is a simple concept that has formed the basis of exercise physiology and program … Read more

Previewing the CrossFit Invitational

As you most likely have heard by now, the CrossFit Invitational is just under two weeks away, giving us plenty of reason to be excited about our sport this winter! On November 9th, Team USA will battle Team Europe, Team Australia and Team Canada in the first CrossFit Invitational to be held on American soil … Read more

Fitness & Philanthropy: How the CrossFit Community Gives Back

Though CrossFit is a young sport, its consistent growth in popularity, participation and exposure has led to an enormous community of like-minded athletes all over the world. And since this connection is so strong, and the people within it so proactive, the CrossFit community has proved to be the perfect breeding ground for philanthropic efforts. … Read more