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January 7, 2019

Gym Owners: Let Kilomodo Free Up Your Time, Increase Member Engagment & Satisfaction

Written by Damect Dominguez

As a gym owner you’ve probably realized that the more one-on-one time you spend with a member, the longer they’ll remain members of your community. It’s all about freeing up time for you as a gym owner so you can engage with your athletes; that’s where Kilomodo’s fitness tracker app shines. Through Kilomodo you can speak with your member, schedule their workouts and let you member track their progress and communicate with each other.

Engage with Your Members

As we already mentioned: the more you engage with your members, the longer you’ll keep them. The ability to do this through Kilomodo is one of our favorite features. Through the app you can quickly send messages to all the members of your gym straight to their phone (or to a specific track or team – more on that later). Think about it: what’s more effective, an email or a text message? This can be anything from fun messages like announcing the member of the month, a holiday party, something specific to the day’s workout (Ex: Don’t forget your jump rope today!), or special marketing offers.
Regardless of the message, Kilomodo’s app provides an easy way to connect with your members. This feature is absolutely priceless!

Schedule Workouts

Here’s where Kilomodo starts to make your job as a gym owner or coach easier. Through the app, you can schedule workouts days, weeks or months in advance. Once you’ve input the workout, tell the app when you want the workouts released (the same day, a week in advance, etc.) and it will be delivered to your members on time, every time!
One thing we needed when we were looking for an app for our athletes was the ability to embed videos. We train a lot of athletes virtually and usually don’t get to go over each movement of the workout in person. The Kilomodo app easily allows us to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos. Even if you don’t train athletes virtually, the ability to embed videos allows your athletes to prep ahead and make the most of the time they have at the box. And let’s me real, all your athletes won’t look at the videos ahead of class, so you’ll still have to go over the movements. However, the ones that do will probably have a better workout because of it!

Different Tracks

When we were originally looking for a fitness tracking app, another feature that was a must-have for us was the ability to offer different tracks. Currently we provide several tracks including Functional Fitness, Endurance and a Competitor’s program. Even if you don’t offer these different types of programs at your box, the ability to offer different tracks can still be useful for ONRAMP athletes and to offer extra accessory work for your members, for example.

Your Athletes Will Love It
Most of your athletes probably already look up the day’s workout long before they arrive to the box. Don’t believe me? Schedule a 5k run and see how many athletes decide to call it a rest day. Giving your members the ability to access their training with one click (versus going on your website or social media site) is something they’ll appreciate.
Now, aside from convenience, Kilomodo simply makes training better! At its heart, Kilomodo is a fitness tracker. That means it will keep track of your member’s PRs, workout times and overall progress at the gym. If you’re scheduling percentage work, the app calculates that for you based off past PRs. This is just touching the surface on what the workout tracker can do.

Another reason your members will love Kilomodo is because it allows them to connect with each other. Through the app your members can follow each other members, see workout scores and even comment on activities. In the end, we found it to be another great tool to keep members motivated and engaged.

Try It FREE For 30-Days
Want to give Kilomodo a 30-day test drive? For a limited time, we’ve partnered with Kilomodo so you can try the app free for 30-days. Just go to: To start your free trial!

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