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February 1, 2016

Sam Briggs Sets New 500m Rowing World Record

Written by Damect Dominguez

This past Sunday CrossFit athlete Sam Briggs broke the 500m indoor rowing world record for the women’s lightweight class at the English Indoor Rowing Championships (EIRC). Briggs, 33 and 60.2kg (133lbs), set a time of 1:33.4 seconds, smashing the existing world record of 1.36.7 (according to statistics from On the same day, she also set the British lightweight 30-39 record in the 2000m with a 7:05.1 time.

The EIRC is run by Hollingworth Lake Rowing Club every year since 1998, attracting more than 400 competitors of all standards “from across the country and further afield” to take part in lightweight “and not-so-lightweight” events in 2000m and 500m,and for juniors aged 12 to 15 in timed races. As well as the individual events, there are races for teams of 4 people over 3000m.

Based on Briggs’ documentation of her training via social media, her success at the EIRC should come as no surprise. The Briton regularly hops on the erg for various tests, including a 5-minute max row two weeks ago (1437 meters), a 2000m row in November (where she posted a better time than the one she set at the EIRC at 7:03.7), and other rowing workouts such as this one:

3 X 500m 2:00 rest at 2000m pace

Rest 6:00

3 X 500m 2:00 rest at 3 seconds faster than 2000m pace

Rest 6:00

3 X 500m 2:00 rest at 6 seconds faster than 2000m pace

With times like these, it’s no wonder that Briggs’ nickname is ‘the Engine’! You can check out Briggs setting the new world record here:

Samantha Briggs with a new lightweight 500m world record at the EIRC. 1.33.4 #amazing #crossfit #teamtrain specialisation is for insects.

Posted by Dominic Beardwell on Sunday, January 31, 2016


Photo courtesy of Instagram: Samantha Briggs (@bicepslikebriggs)

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